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  1. Millpucky

    Heyas, Thanks all for the bday wishes. Happy Birthday to Ghostlupus as well!
  2. Millpucky

    Thanks all I appreciate the wishes...even tho I just turned 45 and I think I'm a year dumber!
  3. mmmm chicken dinner never tasted so good
  4. Millpucky

    Add me ... Millpucky>XI< Just got the game a couple weeks ago and love it.
  5. Millpucky

    Ahhh...me 2!!!! Possibly some photos as well?
  6. Millpucky

    I'm up for a hat and pen.....what kind of clasp is in the back of the hat?
  7. Millpucky

    Oh Mary mother of god!!! I for sure am going to see this, even tho it will be nothing like or as good as the books. For thos ewho have read the books....will the ending be the same?
  8. Nice...I remember playing that game back in the day....loved it!! Looking forward to seeing how fun it's gunna be again.
  9. Millpucky

    Damn I was there and didn't know whether to do MBR or GPT. Awesome thanks for all the info and I'll hopefully be seeing some of you in BF1 or BF4. I still need to get BF1, is it worth it? Enjoy
  10. Millpucky

    Heya there Idiots! It's been a long time since I've talked to ya'll. I just upgraded to a new rig........ gigabyte Z170-Ultra motherboard with a Crucial SSD and a slave bearrcuda HDD. I have the SSD with Win 10 on it and I cannot do a partition on the HDD thru the Bios. I have searched the wonder web thingy and cannot find an answer to my problem. It does show the HDD in the bios but doesn't let me do anything. When windows is open is doen't even show the HDD connected. Any help will be grateful! Thanks!
  11. Millpucky

    Nice video Johnny! Made my day ! Awesome to see such generosity at this time of year. I had to share it on Facebook. Thanks!
  12. Millpucky

    *\o/*..... cannot wait this is going to be sweet!
  13. Millpucky

    I still play here and there when I have time. I have 2 accounts and the game has changed alot in the past 2 [email protected]@Sgt_Hindsight hit me in game ...same name as here on the forums. It's the one and only Millpucky in EVE.
  14. Millpucky

    Happy B-Day Idiot!



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