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  1. A couple of you have asked me if/how you can vote for his idea..........it's on my FB page, and also on the Xtreme Idiots Family group page, but I'll post the link here also. Part of the contest is in the adverstising and marketing of getting the most votes, so anyone who can take a moment and vote, he and I both appreciate it! https://app.reviewr.com/s1/pitch?subid=3366255&evtid=3249798
  2. Chewy, your tags were dropped due to inactivity on May 1, 2013. You need to send a PM to Rugger with an explanation as to why you let your tags drop..........welcome back to our forums
  3. I am super proud of my 10-year old nephew......the little entrepreneur in him (I'm pretty sure he takes after me ) He's competing for the best sales pitch with a product he dreamed up
  4. I was just going to say the same thing, Bosun! That filet is perfect! Some of us prefer to wear shoe leather on our feet instead of eating it
  5. Welcome to our forums! Enjoy, and maybe see you in WAW
  6. Welcome to our forums, Gul'Dan! Enjoy, and see you in game
  7. sorry penquin I was at the wrong ticket box I found the right  one plenty  of tickets left again sorry  gho5t

  8. Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Ayaq!
  9. Gotta love when you hear Wardogs tell people to stop camping and end the round
  10. Server appears to have been restarted.........
  11. I scored 14
  12. Hope you're having an awesome birthday, my dear!
  13. Another voice I could listen to a lot.......