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  1. We wouldn't pick hurricane season if it was going to be a cruise
  2. Decide a time between the two teams, and show up lol.......3 servers running 24/7...... screenshot results and post
  3. Here ya go, TBB lol
  4. But you were smiling!
  5. Wait, what???
  6. Ok, this is for all XI Fest 2017 attendees........I generally don't take many pictures, but I do love putting them together in memorable albums, and I'd say I have a bit of a knack for being creative in that way. If you are interested, please send me your photos and/or videos, and after compiling them all, I can create a very fun album through one of the photo websites that I work with that will surely be a great keepsake of our awesome time in Niagara. Depending on how many pics/vids you have, we'll have to determine the best way to get them to me. I will then sort them by days, events, etc. and put together an album that can be printed and bound for anyone that wants one. Depending on the site I use, I can also incorporate videos into QR codes that can be scanned by any cell phone with a QR reader app and watched right on the phone. You'll only need to pay for the cost of the album, which can probably be ordered individually once I have it completed on the design site. Let's first see how many would be interested by replying here before you start sending me pics...........thanks all for a wonderful weekend!
  7. And like I told you, next time you shoot me in game and type "boner" it'll have a whole new meaning!
  8. Awwwww, Stormy....... now I'm crying again
  9. One of the best times I've had.......EVER!
  10. As if the weekend in Niagara wasn't awesome enough, I had the honor of showing two of my favoritist people my town, and touring the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with them....... love you Angus & GG!
  11. Just because some of us could handle it, while others (I won't mention any names *cough*) couldn't
  12. And he will pout.......believe me!
  13. Very well put, @Angus.........I don't think I could've said it any better
  14. Congrats on the shiny, new tags!
  15. This whole, "what could go wrong" thing..........I now KNOW firsthand