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  1. So sorry to hear about Dadda's passing. He will be very much missed by all to whom he came to know not only in the XI community but I'm sure by his family and friends. Go Rest High Dadda!?
  2. GUMP61

    OK can't play tomorrow. Sorry to all of you who really enjoy killing me. Maybe next time!
  3. GUMP61

    Welcome to the forums!
  4. GUMP61

    Our lives are ever changing and yours my friend just changed in the best way! She is beautiful!! Congrats to you and the wife!?
  5. GUMP61

    Way to go....congrats and good luck!?
  6. GUMP61

    Just Moved this past Sunday...still trying to put the house back together. Will try to let ya know if I can play by Saturday !
  7. GUMP61

    Whats the Password to get in?
  8. GUMP61

    I would like to participate please. FT for me babe! ?
  9. RIP my brother. You will be missed greatly. Prayers for your family!?
  10. GUMP61

    Welcome to the forums....see ya in game I hope. ?
  11. Although everyone kills me repeatedly I like All the players! I have learned a lot from some of you but mostly how to die over and over! Hope to learn more in future games. Game On Idiots!!!!
  12. Hey guys the WAW server has been really laggy for at least a week now. Also COD 4 is bad too! Any idea what's going on. Everybody's ping jumps all over the place . Mine is double and sometimes triple of what it usually is.
  13. Hey guys so sorry but I can't be in today at 5 PM....stupid Halloween Street Fair here today and guess what time it starts….5PM! My wife and I have to work in it today. Maybe next time, I hope. Game On all!!!



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