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    I am defenitively ban of our server do you know why ???




















  2. Let's take this outside the forums, guys. If you have any issues to discuss or settle, take them up in a pm
  3. Congrats on those shiny, new tags, Toy!
  4. We don't show either of your GUID's being banned. Have you tried joining a non-XI server? And have you tried joining an XI server with both copies of the game?
  5. Do you have more than one copy of COD4?
  6. Your GUID should be 32 characters. If you go into a server and press shift then the tilde key, then type /pb_myguid, it should show up there.
  7. Do you have more than one copy of the game? Can you join a non - XI server and get us your GUID?
  8. Hi there, ivan, are you sure you weren't just redirected to the 2nd server when the main server made room for clan members when it was full? Please try joining server and let me know what happens.
  9. Congrats to @WeednFeed - he's been promoted from COD4 Mod to COD4 Admin, and he will make a great addition to the COD4 Admin Team!
  10. So sorry for your loss, Smeg Prayers for you and for Trevor's family I think sometimes we take for granted the magnitude of what first ressponders do to ensure the safety of others. May he rest in peace.
  11. Hey there, Marshall, it's based on accumulated time played in general, not just during a particular gaming session. When you changed your name, it's quite possible that your time got re-set.
  12. ESPECIALLY the Pickle! Glad to have you around, LilMord
  13. @Marshall are you able to use Venmo? We take that as well. See the QR code on our home page.
  14. until

    @Wardogs411 @Timmah! @Hoth @Tron @JOMAMA @Poppyseed @Cheyenne @Bloodyrbeye @Marshall @LOCO @Jedi @Roxy! @Ronnie @Dessy @Remmy @PickleRick @BROMODROSYS @pwrcrzy52 @Merlin007 @loaderXI @Bori @SweeperMan @Shadow @FrankCastle @ShadowLady
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