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  1. Silencer

    Just a quick in and out. Wanted to give everyone a hello and check in. Life’s been busy! Working on a build so who knows, maybe Silencer will make a comeback. Nearly 5 years sober now so I’m not as wild as I used to be. Lol. Anyways, best wishes to all and don’t forget to wear your mask and your nut bra. Laterzzzz
  2. Silencer

    Chuck Norris once had sex with a semi tractor trailer.......its now referred to as Optimus Prime! Chuck Norris can Blow Bubbles with Beef Jerky!
  3. Silencer

    just for Frenchy! Suck it! Muhuhahahahahahahahaha
  4. Silencer

    And yes, I got a head Start on "No Shave November!!!"
  5. Happy Tuesday everyone. Had a crazy thought for all to put a face to the name and add a Sitting Selfie...? I will start this off and Say Good Morning ya'll! Silencer
  6. Silencer

    It is exactly like the original-CoD1 and 2, no lean, slower play, etc, however, I suggest you are running the best equipment as it is Laggy as hell for minimum kit users. "time for a new build."
  7. I as well would be interested, however, Friday Nights I have Football for my Son....Ice, Taco, and me? that's 3....just saying....not looking to win, just have fun here.
  8. Happy Anniversary of the day you were Born Rockman!!!  Hope you have a Wonderful Day Sir!!!


    1. ROCKMAN


      Thanks man! where did you get that picture of me???

  9. Silencer

  10. Silencer

    Happy Birthday Taco!



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