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    probably mu last post for awhile but id have to saay without a doubt my greatest rolemodel is and was and always will be my late husband unionjackk he taught me how to love cry live and be strong even in the face of adversary for that i am proud to say he is my biggest role model. manthis
  2. I just watched the video boomer im easy to spot im the 1 twitchin and spinning because i was crying so much. ty ill miss u boomer miranda

    i wish to start by thanking you all for the support and the very nice gestures you have all made in jack's behalf.I will be moveing back to newport.jacks funeral will be in scotland I will make a post regarding the date time and place as well as the link to his obituary. I have enjoyed my time here and will miss you all especailly dadda t rat and all the others who have played on svr 1 i will try n keep in touch but not sure if i will ever game again.until i feel stronger i need to take time to figgure out where i will go from here.thank you all and Kovout i hope you are not to sad i mean me and my children will be ok we have each other and our faith which will get us through. i think jack would not want us being to sad because he never was in life even when he was sick he still managed to smile. good bye i will miss you all. Ps kovout i will pm u with the funeral arrangements thank you for the fun times me and jack have had here miranda elizabeth O"dey
  4. I will post a link to obituary later on today arrangements are being finalized for jack to be burried in his family plot in scotland.as he requested in his will.I know alot of people want to do something to help and al I can suggest is that people give a donation to their favoritte charity inparticular cancer research. thank you rugger miranda

    oh boomer you started me crying again. thank you from the bottom of my heart and just so you know jack did take what you said to heart i know he loved you like a brother.when i first started playing he told me which gamers he admired and repected you were top of his list. i wish to god things had turnned out differently but i believe he was just to tired to fight anymore he had lost so much and the loss of his vocal cords I believe took the fight out of him. love miranda
  6. I beleive his funeral will be held in dufernline in the kingdom of fife scotland where he was born. arrangements for him to be returned home will be made and taken care of by his father and granny . in honour of jack i would like to change my game name to unionwidow>XI< if i still decide to game and if XI agrees.Jack passed away quickly and peacefuly no pain did he feel.I knew at 2;30am things were not good t was touch n go all night he lingered for a few hours then quietly slipped away. i havent stopped crying since.
  7. It is with great sadness that I inform you all that my husband of 14 yrs jackson timothy o'dey born jan 25 1970 has died today at about 4;00pm he was 42 yrs old a wonderfull husband and loveing father.i am not sure if I will ever be able to game again or where i go from here.he died due to complications from cancer .his liver basically shut down n he went into septic shock i will be busy planning the funeral and contacting family members many who are over seas.god bless you all for your support. i also must pull out of the scrim for obvious reasons and maybe when I stop crying i can push forward. hug those close to u n cherrish every moment nothin matters except what is here and now jack taught me that. miranda aka manthis
  8. unionjackk was rushed to hospital at 1:30 am this morning after colapsing i have been at hospital all night and most of the day. his liver has begun to shut down and doctors told me he went into septic shock at this time jackk has not regained conciousnes .we were prepared for this as the doctors told us this scenario could happen just werent expecting it so soon.his round of treatments have been postponed indefinately and i will be at his bedside until he either regains consciousness or leaves us. kepp him in your prayers. Miranda O'dey aka manthis

    OMG your 90 already happy birhday Boomer your just so boomerastic

    i know jackk has probably already said this but thank you for your kind words and general concearn .jackk when u come home i have a surprisse for you. love miranda
  11. as many of you already know jack has been fighting cancer for awhile now. He has been in and out of hospitals alot lately.The last time he was in because he was fighting off a bout of pneumonia his fever went down and he came home for a few days. his throat was bothering him and he kept looseing his voice it seems the pneumonia had impacted his throat and compromised his body imune system allowing the cancer to spread to his liver. He started dialysis as his liver had begun to shut down and was no longer able to function as it should.He seemed to be responding well to chemo aside from his throat infection and loss of his sense of taste. jackk had lost his apendix and part of his stomach wall and now there is talk of the removal of his vocal choards in an effort to stem the spread at this time we are preaparing for the worst and the very real possibility that jack will not be around at christmas. lol 4 months ago he was healthy and jokeing how much a few months can change it all. Miranda O'dey aka MANTHIS

    This is to let unionjackk know we are pulling for him. so get well soon Jack and come back where we need you. love Miranda

    thank u dirty il let jack know about the post. he has an ipad with him in hospital and checks forums whenever he feels up to it.it has gotten harder for him to stay focused he is hanging in there and under good medical care. id like to thank you dirty on his behalf as well as mine thak you for carring miranda o.dey (MANTHIS)

    Happy birthday scott hope u enjoy your day

    Dayton our faith in each other and streangth of prayer will get us through this. Me n jack believe everything happens for a reason even if the reason and purpose arent obvious to usmiranda
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