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  1. fbi_open_up

    cdw, glad to hear its not a pre built.
  2. fbi_open_up

    CW4, wait until your friend wants to upgrade his gpu he will most likely have to upgrade his power supply as well, cyberpower uses bare minimum power supplys in there machines and when you want to upgrade the gpu to somethimg more powerfull you have to get a bigger one as well.
  3. fbi_open_up

    stay away from cyberpower and ibuypower for the love of god they are a piece of crap , I have had several of them in my shop for repairs and they use the cheapest parts known to man. If you are not a die hard Nvidia must have person you can buy a AMD gpu off the shelf at Microcenter.
  4. fbi_open_up

    sold it today for $350
  5. fbi_open_up

    glad to hear that my friend
  6. fbi_open_up

    Brand New still in Factory Sealed box $350, another one sammy can complain about.
  7. fbi_open_up

    paid $500 sold for $700 made $200 god bless america.
  8. fbi_open_up

    This is the 2nd time you have complained about me selling a card, are you just trolling and complaing in other post as well. I dont understand why you have to give your 2 cents when you are not the buyer and any sale is between me and the buyer which I will gladly help if they have problems with the card, go back in the shed with the other tools.
  9. fbi_open_up

    just sold it
  10. fbi_open_up

    I have a brand new never opened 3060 12 gb video card for sale just gor it today from newegg. asking $800 with free shipping to lower 48. paypal accepted whiners about the price need not apply.
  11. fbi_open_up

    I am shocked at the news ,he always had a postive outlook even when we broke his balls about his diabetes. I considered a friend and enjoyed playing and talking with him. RIP my friend you will be missed by all the new you.
  12. fbi_open_up

    This video
  13. fbi_open_up

    TPM Module for boards that dont have cpu support .
  14. fbi_open_up

    This is the same guy that faked a heart attack at the airport to stop from be extridited to Belize a few years back. Plus this wack job had women shit in his mouth for pleasure yummy.
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