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  1. RooflessKilla

    ...but my video card is. And, it's the busy time of the year for me so I won't be playing much till I get a new card at least. Miss killing you guys!
  2. RooflessKilla

  3. RooflessKilla

    Today is Jack T Murphy Day. JTM was the Patriarch of my family, born and died on April 15th and thus, got the last word in on the IRS! lol This was one of the many epic and legendary things he accomplished in his lifetime, aside from being the penniless orphan of Irish immigrants in the middle of the great depression, surviving some of the worst battles the Marines saw in WWII, he saved men's lives in battle and was decorated with the Purple Heart among other medals. He came home from the war and married my Grandmother and was drafted by the Rams football franchise but he turned the offer down in order to raise his new family. Later, he would also turn down a shoe-in offer at a career in Detroit city politics. He wanted nothing to do with politics. He was tough as nails but kind, generous and lovable. Like me, he grew up a farmboy from northern MI, he always had a backyard garden at his home at 12802 Lenore St. in Redford township. His thundering voice was seldom quiet but he never boasted either. JTM wasn't yer average bear. So, today, we raise a wee spot of whiskey while dropping a tear or two in honor of a great survivor, warrior, father grandfather and great grandfather, the man who's name literally means "Marine", Jack T Murphy. Semper Fidelis, Oorah, Fortis Et Hospitalis
  4. RooflessKilla

    Thanks everyone, we had a great time.
  5. RooflessKilla

    ...is celebrating his 25th anniversary today? That's right, this idiot!
  6. RooflessKilla

    What we actually have here is two right wing reactionaries sitting around talking about the impending second civil war in America like it's a foregone conclusion and 95% of people watching this will only see "HOLY FUCK, I CAN PRINT MY OWN GUN...WOOT" The kid said, "Demand will drive prices down" FALSE! Supply drives prices down. Elementary school economics there, but anyway... Beck said at the end, "I don't know if we are friend or foe" That's obviously FALSE. Glen Beck is a whack job but he ain't stupid. I'm sure he's read The Art of War. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."
  7. RooflessKilla

    I'll take the "wild woman who takes control" or even the crazy woman "who will beat your ass if you don't put it in when she says so". Both of them sound pretty awesome. But then again, I've been married 25 years so WTF do I know?
  8. RooflessKilla

    The map called "Garden of Heat" on XI DM Custom Maps server crashes my rig every time. I have the map, it just wont load. I wonder wtf the problem is? Any suggestions
  9. RooflessKilla

    HEY! Whatch'yall talking about in here....lol! Unfortunately little boys of all ages can only see women through their own limited imagination of what a woman is. Any real man knows and understands the balance of the masculine and feminine and shows respect for both, equally. PS "Just for the ladies"...my ass...that's sexual discrimination...lol!
  10. RooflessKilla

    Great Job! I need another one...or 4. I'm thinking I'm going to make a 4 spot bank stir station for doing 4 at a time. I get sick of switching over the flask every hour when I'm making starters multiple for a big club brew day.
  11. RooflessKilla

    FINALLY some justice!
  12. RooflessKilla

    That shit is off the hook!
  13. RooflessKilla

    Hang in there. Get back on yer feet soon! We're all pulling for ya.
  14. RooflessKilla

    Whats the big deal? I can do the same thing and I'm a dood!
  15. RooflessKilla

    Good shit!
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