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  1. I quit using it for that reason, a bit of an unfair advantage for the user. Thanks for turning it down.
  2. games you get from Steam are already patched to the latest version already I believe.
  3. Well, at least you found out we have been on the DM2 server in the morning.
  4. tittyhead is ok. Look, he never whines, he doesn't care if you kill him. He,s a good guy. So his voice is like nails on a blackboard. Personally I would rather listen to him than the biggest whiner I can think of. and no dean I am not talking about you.
  5. beers bottled me, I blew him up this morning. It's all good,
  6. Get a video recorder and film your screen.....Fool!
  7. We need all the new maps we can get! Looks great!
  8. Cobra, I was an admin at fow before they went clan. I left because the guys wanted rules. The first rule was no bunny hopping. After a week or two of non stop telling people to stop hopping I left them. Last time I stopped in the same four guys were playing by themselves. As for Bettie's in spawn that is not gaming and as dj said after our misunderstanding we are back to enforcing it banning if we have to. I asked dean to take vids of people that can't follow the rules and bring them to our attention and we will keep this stuff out of the forums.
  9. Fastest way I have ever seen to kill as server, any game is start up with the rules and mods to enforce them. Does not matter what game you play its all the same.
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