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  1. Since you don't seem to know why Beers would ban you I will try to help. A week or so ago you banned Duckdisch for recruiting. I'm guessing he went to Beers and told him you banned him. The ban may have been deserved but you could have told him to move along and not do it again. I know, I know, it's against the admin manual. Then it appears that you went on a spy mission thinking Beers wouldn't know who you were. Only thing is Beers isn't nearly as stupid as people think. He writes down every GUID he has ever seen. He knew it was you as soon as you stepped foot in the server. You think he was going to tell you he banned you for banning Duck? Nope. Then you get butt hurt for being banned from a dicks server and you want sympathy? WTF. This is the exact same kind of childish shit that got the last admin team all butt hurt. I have never seen so much 3rd grade bullshit from what are supposed to be adults. Don't like Beers? Stay off his server. For everyone that thinks Beers is taking over the COD WAW servers and sucking in our clan members. Well.... he has 16, yes 16 registered forum members. Not all of them are Beer clan members. Do you know what the requirements to be on the Beers clan are? You put tags on. That's it. Beers clan isn't taking out XI. I play on Beers server, you have seen me there. Oh, I play with my XI tags and half the time with my XI adm tags on, Beers doesn't care. Stop making him out to be anything other than a disgruntled XI admin that left on bad terms and got banned. Don't like him? Stay the fuck off his server. Move along and go back to playing........
  2. I quit using it for that reason, a bit of an unfair advantage for the user. Thanks for turning it down.
  3. games you get from Steam are already patched to the latest version already I believe.
  4. Well, at least you found out we have been on the DM2 server in the morning.
  5. tittyhead is ok. Look, he never whines, he doesn't care if you kill him. He,s a good guy. So his voice is like nails on a blackboard. Personally I would rather listen to him than the biggest whiner I can think of. and no dean I am not talking about you.
  6. beers bottled me, I blew him up this morning. It's all good,
  7. Get a video recorder and film your screen.....Fool!
  8. We need all the new maps we can get! Looks great!
  9. Cobra, I was an admin at fow before they went clan. I left because the guys wanted rules. The first rule was no bunny hopping. After a week or two of non stop telling people to stop hopping I left them. Last time I stopped in the same four guys were playing by themselves. As for Bettie's in spawn that is not gaming and as dj said after our misunderstanding we are back to enforcing it banning if we have to. I asked dean to take vids of people that can't follow the rules and bring them to our attention and we will keep this stuff out of the forums.
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