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  1. Devilsbed

    A while back I bought the full Command and Conquer sereis. But now Origin has Red Alert 2 on for free. See link below. https://www.origin.com/en-ca/store/free-games/on-the-house If anyone interested give me a shout here and I will install it again. Me.
  2. Devilsbed

    What If I bought a copy from origin? do you think it would work worldwide or only in NA? Its $7.49CAD right now through them. ALmost tempted just to pick it up and see if I can join the server. If not I will just have another game to play. Me.
  3. Devilsbed

    Just out of curiosity how the hell do I check if I have an Origin CD-Key. Like I said I downloaded it one day from Origin when it was free for the basic BF3. I'm almost tempted just to purchase the DLC and see if I can get it to work. It's only two dollars, meh. Me.
  4. Devilsbed

    No I didn't buy the premium, I got it free from origin one time a while ago. It was just the basic version. Im sure my ingame name is devilsbed>XI< or it may just be devilsbed. Not sure, never really checked.
  5. Devilsbed

    Anyone have a copy of the End Game mod expanion? I would like to give it a try, but alas I found out I don't have the pack. Maybe rent one for us NA fools too? Me.
  6. Devilsbed

    I just tried that, It seems like it is the whole folder that has issues d/l ing. When I join the server it tried to get /20/e28.iwd. It no work. broke it.
  7. Finally re-installed COD 2, but now when I try to join the dm server, it tried to d/l the 28.iwd file and I get an error. Any help? Me.
  8. Devilsbed

    I think i found what im going to upgrade to next. an Eleaf istick 2. Its compatible with the tank I have now. The only thing tough is it doesnt look like it is VV. hmmm...
  9. Devilsbed

    Alright, here is a question for all of those who vape. What are you using? SImple eh. I am currently running a Vision Spinner 2 VV with a Kangertech Protank mini 3. I am thinking about "upgrading" to a eleaf iStick 2 with a different tank. Any thoughts as I would like to try and keep the cost down to a minimum. (Wife doesnt agree with it, but for me Its cheaper in the long run and a little bit healthier). Instead of 7000+ carcinogenic substances I am vaping 4, all of which are used in parmaceuticles. Cheers. Me.
  10. Devilsbed

    Thanks , I appreciate your help. I would just like to figure out what the hell I had going on my laptop that may have caused this. from what I remeber I had my ususal virus/malware/cleaner software running in the back ground, My virutal drives, and my Intel display stuff going. I wonder if PB picked something up and tought it was something tryin to do something with COD4 programme. Anyways again thanks for the info everyone. Me
  11. Devilsbed

    I am just curious, I went to PBBans and they stated you had to email Evenbalance and get a ticket from them, then you can apply to get it removed from PBBans. If Evenbalance is no longer supporting COD4, how am I supposed to fix this? Any help would be great. Cheers. Me.
  12. This user has created an appeal with the following information. Sent by: Devilsbed Sent on: 24 November 2015 - 11:07 AM Game server: All cod4 In-game name: devilsbed>XI< Appeal details: Not sure why I was Perma Banned. I know I got a false PB Ban. But a perma ban? I can deal with the PB ban, that's all fine and dandy (I hope) but does that mean I cant play on the rotou servers? I just confused. Can I get some help?
  13. Devilsbed


    It was just on the FT servers, now it seems to have migrated to the ace mod server. I really dont wanna have to reinstall the damn thing along with PB.
  14. Any ideas why all of sudden I am getting iw3 errors. Not even an hour ago the game was running fine. Thanks, Me.
  15. Devilsbed

    You bastard! I stopped in to get some help, then I luaghed for the next 30 mins while i scrolled trough these all. FUUUCK YOU!
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