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  1. Stiglits

  2. Stiglits

    Tying up his shoe lace?
  3. Im with BigPappaDean up close and personal, but in saying that maybe make it a perk and you loose primary grenade? just thought.
  4. Stiglits

    Happt Birthday Mate
  5. Stiglits

    Used good old scrub worm and a good sized yabbie on the cod and are great to eat.
  6. Stiglits

    Thanks mate different fish as far as i know, tho both are fresh water ive never known it to be anything different.
  7. Stiglits

    Gday gang got a query in regards to clan tags. I mainstream my character name in almost every online game i play, and this clan being the only one im a member of is ok to carry these tags on my other Stiglits toons? Cheers
  8. Went up to see my old man a week ago and caught myself a couple of Yellow Belly....And a Cod but he got away
  9. Its great to do for "Shits and Giggles"
  10. Stiglits

    Cheers Google
  11. Stiglits

    Would love some one to create a sig for me please as i have no idea..but have a back ground to work with..Many thanks in advance removing the white border of course
  12. Stiglits

    Best wishes and thoughts to you and your wife mate
  13. Stiglits

    1- Banshee 2- True Detectives 3- Game of Thrones (Been reading the books sinse his first release 1996) 4- Grimm