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    Growing cannabis has been my main hobby since my wife died. Good therapy.

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  1. Bushape

    Happy Birthday old friend, I hope you had a good one
  2. Bushape

    me neither
  3. It sucks getting old, well health wise anyway. It is a big psychological hit too, it takes some time getting used to the fact we can't be like we used to be, All you can do is do whatever suits you, you will find your happy median of what you can and can't do. It is all up to you, life will be as happy or as miserable as you make it. Good luck, it can be a real mental trip.
  4. Bushape

    Happy Birthday Yoburt!!!
  5. Bushape

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Marauder!!!
  6. Bushape

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLIVE!!! I hope you had a good one.
  7. Bushape

    That is way cool. I tried to do that with 5 barn owls. At the time I was contractor doing roofing. We tore the roof off of an old barn and there were 6 Barn Owl eggs in there. The owner told me to break them (they can be a big problem around active farms). I put them in my hat and took them home. I was raising exotic pheasants at the time, I had some nice fancy incubators to put the eggs in. After a week or so the eggs hatched. This was back before I had the internet so I didn't know what to feed them. I figured they needed some high protein meat and vitamins, I bought beef liver and mixed it with avian vitamins. But soon they all died. I felt bad so I had to figure out why they died. I found out that liver was toxic to young owls. I gave it my best shot. About a year later I did the same thing with some Canadian Geese, I was doing a roof that had a pond right off the front deck. I snuck over there and swiped 4 geese eggs. Three of them hatched. My grandson was about ten months old and he lived with us. Every morning he went out with us to feed the birds. He made good friends with the baby geese and they grew up together. It was really cool, the geese would go crazy when they seen him. Too bad I didn't get pictures.
  8. Bushape

    I presently have a NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250 1 GB RAM, 3 1/2 years old. Nvidia has tried to update the drivers for better game play and was unable to install anymore drivers because the video card does not support anymore upgrades. So I want to get a new card. Does anybody have any suggestions? I don't have the money for a real good one but something that is better than what I got. Thank you
  9. Bushape

    I have been vaping over 2 1/2 years. In August 2009 I was diagnosed with emphysema and my lung capacity was down to 30%. I haven't had a cigarette since then. My wife had two strokes in April 2011 and two more in June 2011. I got her to start doing the ecig's and I have been doing them ever since. Since I have been doing the e-cig's more lung capacity is over 50%. I don't know if the e-cig's had a factor or not. But I am doing better so that is all that matters to me. My wife didn't like the e-cig's and she went back to cigarettes. She was diagnosed with lung cancer in May 2013 and then she passed away on Halloween. I gotten almost everything for vaping from Best E-Cig. com. they are in China but you have a good selection and shipping is $15 to $20 depending on how much you order. It takes about a week to get the order and you have to sign for it. I have probably sent $1500. There is no account to set up and they don't keep your information. I have had no trouble at all with them. 6 more days until I get my green card. I can't smoke it so I need to find a better way to use it.
  10. Bushape

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, You Old Man, Have a good one!!!
  11. Bushape

    Sounds about right. Did they eat crow?
  12. Bushape

    PLEASE Read this, Thank you I want to thank all of you beautiful people for your kind comments. My wife and I had a special bond, we depended on each other for everything. We didn't really have friends or family coming by so we were there for each in everything we did. This is another post that I put on facebook, please read, thank you Here is a point to ponder. For all of you smokers out there. If you have trouble quitting then at least think of your family and friends around you. It is not just about losing a loved one, it is the pain and torture that people have to endure watching you die. Wednesday, Tammey was having trouble she was talking in like a child's voice kind of screaming, "help me, help me, I don't want to die". L...et that soak in for a minute, do you want your loved ones to have to go through that, knowing they can't do anything but try to make you comfortable. There is no comfort in watching someone die. It sucks. If that didn't do something for you then take that lit cigarette and shove it up your ass and maybe then you will wake up. I am not intending to belittle Tammey in anyway shape or form. I know it is hard to quit, but please think about it the next time you light up. Thank you
  13. Bushape

    These are some posts I made on Facebook earlier: I am grateful for everybody and I thank you all for your support. You people have been great and there when I needed you. Tammey passed away at 8:35 this evening. She was the love of my life, I am forever grateful for the love that she gave me. She was my inspiration for living, life will never be the same. I never thought that this would ever happen. I always thought that she would pull through some how. She has my eternal love. The rest of my life will be devoted to her and her memory. I will cherish the life we had and the life to come. She will still be my guiding light forever. She was my true love, a love that shall never fade. I don't know who I am, but with her forever presence I shall over come this and become someone that will make her proud. I LOVE you with all of my heart Tammey, you are already missed. Thank you for being my best friend. It will get better in time, I know this, but for now it is the worst pain that I have ever felt. I have been taking care of her for 2 1/2 years, since her second go around with cancer, then she had four strokes. So she has had a rough time of it. I have been by her side doing all that I could for her. I ust never thought that it would end like this. I was holding her in my arms when the end came, I was there for her until the end. She was the only one to cut my hair for 36 years and when she had her strokes I decided to let my hair grow (as a tribute to her) and I have it in a pony-tail. I am going to take her pony-tail and my pony-tail and put them together in a shadow box as a tribute of our love. I want to thank Akbar Ali (funstick) for being a devoted friend for years. I hope that his new wife and him have a great life together. He fought hard for his wife and I have a lot of respect for people that stand-by their spouses and go to the ends of the earth to do their best for them. I also want to thank Dave Spinks (DeeJay Keg) for his support and for being such a great friend with plenty of wisdom. He is a true gem of a person. He took the time to consul me even during his own crisis. A really true and honorable person. A big Thank you to all of you and maybe in time I can get back to playing, I look forward to it.
  14. Bushape

    I am really sorry for your loss. My mom died a year ago. No matter if you are expecting or not, it always hurts to lose your mother. My wife has lung cancer and she is under home hospice care. She has been going down hill for awhile now. She recently spent 8 days in the hospital and they sent her home saying there is nothing more they can do. She may pass at anytime. So you see that I really mean it when I say that I am sorry for your loss. Hang in there, it does get better. My sincere condolences, Bushape