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  1. Must be backing up the web site. Back space worked for me too. LOL
  2. Or playing map mp_contra now cause everybody left and it's a large map and we only have 11 players now. WTF
  3. Ain't nothing like playing mp_cw_neuville, with 21 players in it. Can't even stay alive for 4 seconds.
  4. mp_enigmaoff is a medium map not small. Had 3 players in and couldn't find each other.
  5. Huh The new rotation is suppose to have a shit load of maps that weren't in the last set!
  6. Last rotation had beltot in it also. WTF
  7. DJ just noticed that last rotatation had blood_island in it also.
  8. I would think a guy that looks like a mountain man would not have that high of a voice. LOL
  9. Party on Johnny I guess what Chilly said worked cause I haven't seen any of SOB posts after that.
  10. 2nd that lol
  11. If you need any help learning how to knife, I can teach you that LOL
  12. Thanks for running SOB posts off of the front page of web site. LOL
  13. Thanks for running SOB posts off of the front page of web site. LOL
  14. Not done yet. LOL
  15. https://www.xtremeidiots.com/forums/forum/47-jokes-and-misc-stuff/