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    how about getting in and watching servers? instead of posting
  2. It doesn't matter now cause no one can get into the server at this moment
  3. All scoped rifles are set for minimum 1, start at 5, and maximum 8.

    Fuck now I'm confused.LOL
  5. Yeah I probably did. I went by what the book says for range. It is measured in meters. But I think I turned the trench gun up higher for some reason. If you want the pictures for all the weapons I will send them to ya.
  6. This is what the call of duty world at war book says.
  7. Are you sure they are stock DJ. This is what I see. This is in meters and I believe they both use to be 25. I'm not sure. //****************************************************************************** // DEMOLITIONS CLASS WEAPONS //****************************************************************************** set scr_wrm_shotgun "45" set scr_wrm_doublebarreledshotgun "25"
  8. Maybe 1 of the head admins can load it up to redirect? I can't get it to work. It won't load up the ff file.
  9. couldn't save them to my computer to load to the redirect. Said something about source file could not be read
  10. 2_MANY_BEERS

    You all idiots might want to consider car pooling to XI fest in case ya run out of gas. There will be enough people to push the rest of the way.
  11. 2_MANY_BEERS

    Xtekk is a new moderator and probably doesn't even know your other name is Dean Boom. You just better hope he doesn't make game admin cause then he will be banning you. LOL Then you'll have to make ban post instead of this kind of post.
  12. 2_MANY_BEERS

    Did you take your coffee cup out of the hole before pushing it in?