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  1. tried to get in just now and has a password on it? NEVERMIND! I AM IDIOT!
  2. password to modern warfare ft 1.47?


    1. Ruggerxi


      That is a test server die now with bots in it. 
      the main server has the new mod on it 

  3. MikeWestin

    Prayers and thoughts to you, Giggles!
  4. MikeWestin

    So sorry for your loss Wildthing. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.
  5. Love the MOD! My only beef is get rid of at least one map, Chess. Way to big and to slow with a few players. Spooky is another one, but I know peeps like it, I don't care for it. Other than that a big ol' thanks for bringing it the servers. Surprised to see 19-20 players on Sunday night. Awesome!!
  6. So with that being said is that possibly why I lost ranking? Was 59 last night with around 15000 to get to 60, come into server this morning ranked 58 and my gun was totally different. I usually play with the 308 but the hk special was loaded?
  7. MikeWestin

    Clay and Shellie but John the Dentist is a force. If they keep using him as pawn and he keeps winning, watch out! The only way is a back door to get rid of him. Austin and Vanessa melt down city coming.
  8. Mike Westin undercover as Green Latern!
  9. MikeWestin

    R.I.P. & Godspeed.
  10. Lone Vagina Vagina Survivor Days of Vagina Vagina of Thunder Vagina, USA Vagina Vice Vagina Locker Hurt Vagina Vagina Hustle Exdous:Gods and Vaginas 3:10 to Vagina Regin of Vaginas Vagina Psycho Vagina Fighter
  11. MikeWestin

    Happy Bday Mistty! have a great one!
  12. keep it! I love it!
  13. MikeWestin

    Thanks All! It was an awesome one!
  14. MikeWestin

    Nice! Welcome!
  15. MikeWestin

    codpiece - you know where Youngker HS is? I am usually there on Tuesday nights for Volleyball! We will have to meet up sometime!
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