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***Captured 77 mm Feldkanone Model 1916***

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So happy to share this story,

It takes place in my home town where this gun has sat for 100 years on a hill (Crozer Park) over looking what is known today as Upland which was named by William Penn upon his landing in America....We were all told William Penn landed first in Philadelphia but that is far from the truth...He landed first in Chester, Pa. 19013 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Penn_Landing_Site and founded the County of Chester later it would be split up and Chester would be located in what is now Delaware County...

Well Chester would later play major roles in every War we ever were in and at one time even till this day had the largest Shipyard in the world with 18 dry docks and slips and 40.000 workers...It would build a total of 281 T2 tankers during World War II, about 40% of the U.S. wartime total...

As a result of her War efforts and there are more that can be mentioned here Chester would receive many War treasures such as these infact my Father lies at rest with many of them in Chester Rural Cemetery which was a bural "field" for all the fallen of our Civil War...After the Civil War all but 1 or 2 of the Confederates were disinterred and either sent south to family or moved to a cemetery in Philadelphia if no family could be located...


With that being said and me growing up there raising a Family I have never lost touch and try to this day 1100 miles away to help who I can in ways I can...World War One Delco is one of many groups there in the State that are about preservation and recording of History...They WW1 Delco were going to try to attempt some preservation on a Model 1916 77 mm Feldkanone and before they could start I reached out to them to allow me to locate and offer help...I knew straight way I would contact Fisher Tank Company and was sure they would help...Well the word came in that not only have they been willing to help but they grabbed the bull by the horns and are doing a full (as possible) restoration that will see it protected for another 100 years...Damn sorry for this big ass post but I am beyond happy and needed to share :)


The gun is a historically significant.
1. It is a German 7.7 cm FK 16 (77 mm Feldkanone Model 1916) which was the technologically best light artillery piece of the war. It came into service in the German army in 1917.
2. Total production of FK 16 guns is uncertain, but at the end of the war Germany still possessed 3,020 FK 16 guns. Only 43 guns of this type are known to still exist in the world, of which only nine are in the United States. (Incidentally, another of the nine U.S. guns is displayed in Chester Rural Cemetery.) - Where my Father lies at Rest     Cpl Wm W Shepherd WWII
3. The provenance of the gun is known. It is an actual wartime capture and was brought to Chester by Brigadier General William Gray Price, commander of the division artillery (53d Field Artillery Brigade) of the 28th Division (Pennsylvania National Guard).


CANNON -2.jpg

CANNON -1.jpg

CANNON -3.jpg

Brigadier General William Gray Price.jpg

CANNON 2.jpg

CANNON 3.jpg

CANNON 4.jpg

CANNON 1.jpg

CANNON 5.jpg

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