Graphics card help please

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Ok, so my computer has failed spectacularly and I suspect the graphics card is to blame.

I would like some advice on what card to get as my mobo is pretty old now, so i don't want to waste my money on getting a card that is just going to be held back by the mobo and processor.


Mobo is GA-A55M-S2V so it's a PCiE 2.0 and i only have 8GB of RAM.


I will be getting a much better PC in the near future, so do i get an all singing all dancing card now and transfer when i get a new PC, or get a cheap card now and get a better card with the new PC?


Any recommendations will be gratefully received.

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2 minutes ago, codpiece said:

How much do you want to spend? Seen some good deals on "Offer Up"  I have an older GTX 760 I could send you,

I genuinely don't mind as long as it is good value.

How much would you want for the GTX 760?

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