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DM2/DM1 Rotation 2019.05.17 Featuring The Eagles

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Hello DM2/DM1 Fans!

Ready for a new set of maps?  Here's this weeks maps:

Small Map Rotation 
mp_agx_castle, mp_bridge, mp_hgy_c, mp_kauten, mp_little_town, mp_maquina_viet, mp_pmcod, mp_remagen, mp_xi_arena

Medium Map Rotation
mp_78druglord, mp_agx_burgundy, mp_anbinh, mp_argentan_xmas, mp_bergsnow, mp_byalistok, mp_canal2, mp_crash_day, mp_cw_ship, mp_doc78, mp_dundygrad, mp_frucanal, mp_hunt_xmas, mp_lapatrouille, mp_marsh, mp_mohdm3, mp_newvillers2, mp_pavlov_h, mp_ravine, mp_sabre, mp_tge, mp_wbridge

Large Map Rotation 
mp_78gaperon, mp_1078carentan, mp_ambush, mp_bahnhof, mp_byalistok, mp_camp_merc, mp_ctrain, mp_dogville, mp_gb_karkand, mp_kilian, mp_hurtsum, mp_little_village, mp_nazaire, mp_overcong, mp_ramelle, mp_seelow, mp_southfrance, mp_snrtrondheim, mp_stalingrad, mp_townville, mp_verteidigen, mp_xi_shiro


As you may have heard, there's six new Admins in town.  Congratulate them when you see them!  And now to commemorate the new kids, here's The Eagles, New Kid In Town


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