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DM2 (and DM1) Rotation 2019.06.07 Featuring Grace Potter And The Nocturnals

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Okay DM Fans.  Either 1 or 2.

Here are your maps for the coming week:

Small Map Rotation
mp_78bathroom, mp_asylum, mp_egn, mp_hospital, mp_killhouse, mp_koshiki, mp_little_town, mp_opera, mp_trainingcamp, mp_get_lost_3, mp_give_up

Medium Map Rotation
mp_78outpost, mp_agx_depot2, mp_alcazaba, mp_ax_neuville, mp_bgate, mp_byalistok, mp_chateau, mp_cw_burgundy, mp_db_snowypark, mp_downtown, mp_falaise5, mp_gits_terminal, mp_jungle, mp_makin, mp_murmansk, mp_nvabase, mp_psycho, mp_reichattack, mp_snr_vimyrd, mp_stream2, mp_turm, mp_xi_jordan5 

Large Map Rotation 
mp_78rocket, mp_agx_assault, mp_armory, mp_bastogne, mp_burma, mp_byalistok, mp_city, mp_cw_hurtgen, mp_duong, mp_gtown44, mp_kiev, mp_lost_temple, mp_nighthound, mp_panzerschlacht_02b, mp_river, mp_shallowgrave, mp_storm, mp_trenchtoast, mp_vm_crash, mp_wdocks


Now wait a minute... Did somebody let the beast out?  Well, then it's time to meet your maker!
Welcome this week Grace Potter And The Nocturnals with The Lion The Beast The Beat



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