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I was out in the back yard cleaning up a mess of leaves and heard gun shots around 4-4:30. Thought it was just the drunk neighbor down the other side of the creek shootin empty beer cans again. There's also a pistol/rifle range up the road 1/2 mile up the road so we regularly hear gun shots around here. But I had no idea what had taken place until the street was full of lights and sirens. This happened across the street and 3 houses down from us. Fire department blocked off all 3 entrances to my little 1 horse town with barricades for 8 flippin hours. Shit like this doesn't normally happen around here.

That house was vacant for over 35 years because the old lady that originally owned it, died in it of natural causes and a relative found her over 2 months later. The family sold the house 4 or 5 years ago after sitting vacant for 35 years and someone else fixed it up and lived in it for 1 1/2 years and moved out for some reason. Then someone else bought it and stayed for a whole 2 months and moved out. Then Ben bought the house 7 months ago. 

Me and my brothers always thought that place was haunted. We would get an eerie feeling just walking past the place. Maybe we watched Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street to many times lol.  It used to have a chain link fence the whole way around it with vines grown up and over it and big old oak trees all round the house and a large in-ground swimming pool in the back yard. Us kids used to sneak over and catch small frogs and tadpoles out of the old pool for fishing bait.


Some pretty fucked up shit. The dumb fuck should of ate a bullet.    

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