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  1. GandR

    FU Seph!!!! Oh yeah, Happy Birthday!!!
  2. GandR

    Audioengine A2's. https://audioengineusa.com/shop/poweredspeakers/a2-plus-powered-speakers/ They aren't cheap though.
  3. GandR

    RIP AH. Wow we must have played hours and hours together. Rough week for XI.
  4. GandR

    Welcome kill. Dallas??? I thought that was a New Jersey accent!
  5. GandR

    Hey Blue Luna!!!! Welcome. You've killed me plenty of times!!!
  6. GandR

    Ayaq!!!! Take care buddy. I hope you make it back soon. We'll miss you.
  7. GandR

    Oh and Sally look what post that was!!! Numero 20!
  8. GandR

    Hello from GandR, GandR are my initials. I'm not too creative there am I? I've been playing freeze tag for a long time. I usually play a few rounds when I get home from work then on the weekends some. I live in PA outside Philly.
  9. Whew., my cable internet was out all afternoon today (Sunday). I sat down to play some freezetag since nothing was on TV. I got one round in then lost my connection and learned it would be out all day. I made it through the day though! I managed to get some laundry done, do some stuff around the house and watched a movie. It sure did suck with no internet though!!!! What did we used to do before internet!!
  10. GandR

    If you win: Uncle Harry is that you!!!! My favorite idiot uncle!!!!!
  11. GandR

    Happy B-Day Moron!
  12. GandR

    Hey Ayaq, do you freeze those or pickle them for the long winters up there????
  13. GandR

    Happy New Year to you!!!! I couldn't make it to midnight, I fell asleep!!!
  14. GandR

    Happy New Year!!! I fell asleep before midnight, I'm getting old!!!
  15. GandR

    Who knew Ayaq could be so profound!!! Merry Christmas!!! I agree with Ayaq, only this once though!!



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