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  1. window

    Welcome back Dawgy. Great to hear from you.
  2. window

    You don't need a fishing trip to smoke a big fat one. However enjoy your time.
  3. window

    All, Thanks for explaing here. PK, and myself have had several conversations on this topic in the past. There is no team stacking going on. The Tdm server runs a mix of sniper, run & Gun, and CTF. Just imagine if you were playing CTF and the teams were 6 vs 2 how fun would that be if you were on the latter team? This is where auto balance is needed, but many times won't work due to the people in spec. As PK said, he moves the last person in game from the over balanced team. That's it really. The stacking blame game is just not holding water. It's clearly done to make it better. If peeps think there is something wrong in the servers then bring it to an ADM, or just post here in the fourms and it will get pick up.
  4. window

    It was a fun time today, and I can't wait until tomorrow to repeat it again, hopefully with even more people. We had some pretty good laugh's and some pokes at each other. It was good to see everyone. CYA tomorrow.
  5. We lost a great man. Bart/Roger was a special person in so many ways. His dedication to the clan, servers and people were impeccable. Unfortunately, I just learned of the sad news this morning. My prayers go out to his wife, family and all of those people/players he has touched. May Roger RIP. Window>XI<
  6. window

    Happy Birthday Zaubermaus, and Trailertrash.
  7. PK Thanks for the work with the TDM server. It can be a thankless position. I would say these are more than slight changes. Some will always bitch, and you know who I'm talking about. Great working with you young lad. LOL.
  8. It was great on the server this morning. We even got Puck out of bed early. I like to start at 6 AM CT time, but you old fuckers can't wake up. However, it was a good rotation, and it went well. I agree with P-man that there was a couple of spawn camp maps that we will need to keep an eye on. When one player camps it fucks up the spawns, which makes it frustrating. No worries though everything was good. Thanks for the hard work.
  9. Thank you for the work you put into this Pain Killer. We all appreicate the time you put in here. LOL Phuckitman You hit it on the head, no pun intended.
  10. window

    Thanks for sharing Pete. May you, And your family stay safe.
  11. window

    Thanks Loader, and Painkiller for putting the work in here. I'll be there as always.
  12. Yep I'm late but I would be intrested if it still not too late.
  13. window

    Welcome to the forums Sinbad. See you in game soon.
  14. window

    Hang in there P-Man. However I'm still going to kick your ass on Cod 2 TDM server this weekend.
  15. window

    Welcome to the servers. Nice post.
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