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  1. window

    It was all good for me. But I saw many peeps not get in today. We will get it fixed. Loader and Pain are on it. Thanks guys.
  2. window

    When redirect comes up hit quit and get out. Come back in, and it should / could work. It was a work around for me. I did not catch the map name that is the problem, but I'm sure it will get figured out. Only a small handful of people were able to get in this morning. I did see many download, but not make it in.
  3. window

    Thanks PK for the efforts you put in. You still suck though.
  4. window

    Count me in too.
  5. window

    Welcome to the forums and the servers.
  6. window

    Thank you everyone. I had a great day. Window
  7. window

    Thoughts and Prayers sent to you and your family.
  8. window

    Welcome back Pman. Great to hear from you again.
  9. window

    Happy Birthday Bullet. Try not to rage quit today, oh you already did. Well have a great day anyway.
  10. window

    I will be there as always. Won't miss it. Thanks Loader.
  11. window

    Be safe Loader. We will be thinking about you and all affected by this strom.
  12. Thanks Loader. We appreciate your help on this. Let's see how it go's.
  13. window

    Sorry to hear about your mom and dad. My thoughts and prayers are with you. You have put countless hours of work in the clan and we all thank you for that. You are a big part of the sucess of this clan. I only hope the best for you moving forward.
  14. I think it would be a good idea to have just a couple of them in the rotation. When I'm in game I do get some requests to put a couple of them on depending on who is in. I can talk to Loader to see what we can do.
  15. window

    Thanks everyone, I have had a great day. I appreceate it. I will be in game soon. Ter will correct my grmmer. LOL