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  1. Yep I'm late but I would be intrested if it still not too late.
  2. window

    Welcome to the forums Sinbad. See you in game soon.
  3. window

    Hang in there P-Man. However I'm still going to kick your ass on Cod 2 TDM server this weekend.
  4. window

    Welcome to the servers. Nice post.
  5. window

    Thanks Grumpy. Don't listen to Loader.
  6. Good to hear Pman. TDM is still running sniper maps, as well as others. TDM starts to get busy at 8:00 CT on the weekends/holidays. Hope to see you there tomorow morning.
  7. God bless you my freind. My prayers go out to the family.
  8. window

    I appreicate all the effort that you guys put into making this happen. Thanks a bunch. Such an important event for our fallen soliders. This is a time to reflect on their passing, but also, to continue what they loved to do/play. let's have fun, but keep them in our prayers. See you on the server. Window
  9. window

    Hey Twit glad to see your back. I enjoyed gaming with you back in the old days. Drag your ass back in COD2 when you get a chance. See you in game soon.
  10. Congrats. Welcome to the team.
  11. window

    I know that peeps are busy, but if you can join us tomorrow around 6pm ET we would love to have you. We have had some good sucess in the past couple of weeks. It's fun, and Loader sucks. Here is the link.
  12. window

    Just a quick reminder that we are trying to get some players in for some COD 2 CTF tonight (Sunday) at 6:00 PM ET. Jump in and join us if you can. Server info listed below.
  13. window

    Thanks all. I'm alive, and sucking air every day so life is good. You guys are great.
  14. window

    Thanks all. Having a nice day.



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