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  1. Hi Sherm.....how you doing?!!


  2. Happy Birthday Laszo!  


  3. That's very sad news, was always hoping to see him back in the game someday, condolences to his family. Mac will certainly be missed.
  4. Sherm

    Happy Birthday Hoth!
  5. Thank to all for the birthday greetings! 

    1. Joe Canadian

      Joe Canadian

      Happy b-day Sherm!


  6. Sherm

    Happy Birthday 61! ☕
  7. Sherm

    Happy Birthday Rockape!
  8. Sherm

    Happy Birthday PHUCKITMAN!
  9. Sherm

    Thoughts and prayers for your Stepdaughter Buddy.
  10. Sherm

    Happy Birthday Spartacus!
  11. Sherm

    Happy Birthday Dirk!
  12. Sherm

    Wishing you the best in your new career move Old Man. Looking forward to playing COD 2 with you although I will miss you as Admin.
  13. Sherm

    Happy Birthday Rookie!
  14. Sherm

    Happy Birthday Lead! Enjoy your day.
  15. Sherm

    Happy Birthday Viraldisk!



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