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  1. Last night we had 28 players and it was stable.
  2. In the meantime we played REDLINE last night and there seems to be an improvement in that they now have much smaller maps.
  3. I recently discovered this area from watching others gain access. I went in for a peek and felt it was border line shady and decided not to return. I'm also not XI so I might not get a warning.... I love White Dragon but if he gets 14 kills, you know something is wrong!
  4. I have no issues killing any of you but If it makes you feel better I will concentrate on killing the international players just to put them in their place
  5. Don't worry about making changes that we have to download....go for it as we know this is what it takes to get it right! We played CTF today and it was awesome.
  6. They made a change with Team Death Match where you die and you are done for the round. Lots of players don't like this and they leave. Maybe consider changing this? Thanks.
  7. Map MP_MWM_COLEBROO crashes my game every time.
  8. Anyone ever had this error when trying to get into a server? Only happens with the WAW FT server. Thanks.
  9. Tried both the in server map download and the XI downloader and both cant connect to the map/mod download server. Maybe something to do with the DDOS stuff going on today?
  10. I got it working. It turns out it was a crazy combination of running as and administrator, starting the game from single player as opposed to the multiplayer Icon I created and making sure PB was enabled in the game....Thanks for your support Hemps! I would take it easy on you while in game but I don't think you would like that as I might be one of the few that gives you a little competition
  11. Thats just how I have it and here is what I get
  12. It looks lile my PB does not start when i run the game...
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