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  1. hitmanbrett

  2. hitmanbrett

    Happy birthday old man.
  3. hitmanbrett

    Congrats dude see you soon. Been to busy to play.
  4. hitmanbrett

    Welcome and I can't wait to knife you.
  5. hitmanbrett

    Happy birthday Star have a good day and im going to knife your ass.
  6. hitmanbrett

    Thanks everyone
  7. hitmanbrett

    Winnipeg Manitoba Canada right in the center of the universe.
  8. hitmanbrett

    Happy birthday THOR have a gooder
  9. hitmanbrett

    Happy birthday decafe have a good day.
  10. hitmanbrett

    Happy birthday Gump61 may your day be good.
  11. hitmanbrett

    Happy birthday bud. Have a good day I owe you a knife kill dude.
  12. Sad to hear I played against Afro for so long i consider him a friend and a good competitor. For all the regulars who play COD5 freeze tag we need to do a memorial tournament to celebrate his life. Prayers for his family and friends. See you on the other side killer.
  13. hitmanbrett

    Happy birthday dude knife you later.
  14. hitmanbrett

    Welcome in bud see you in game.
  15. hitmanbrett

    Sorry to hear the news Belted my heart goes out to you and your son .