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  1. Duffy


    there brilliant thank you
  2. happy birthday and have a BETLA of a day
  3. ? do you have to have a mic. ? do you have to speak in game . ? do have to defrost the pp that don't give you information before you get killed trying to defrost and then type oh sry one on me now this is happening a lot cause some members are now giving up talking and its getting frustrating . can you make a server just for non talking players. It don't matter if you don't understand the person your defrosting saying something than typing dose make a big .
  4. Duffy


    looking for someone ta make me a sig as I have no idea tried it years ago . homer in a battlefield with his beer at his side .he might win or not lol got 1 made for me years ago In another clan when this came out .
  5. found the location but the file mp_doowood not in there strange but will keep hunting for that file. thank you for your help .
  6. I don't use steam . if I can play games without using steam I'm happy .robbing bsrds . I should find that map .thanks
  7. its a great game but I don't get on it much .think I've been on it about 5 or 6 times and I bought it when it first came out lol.
  8. my question is that I've been on this map many times and now I get a a big X fastfile for zone`mp_doowood` appears corrupt or unreadable [code 107 if anyone can help it would be much appreciated .
  9. oh im looking forward ta the next one it was a cracking night shame i had ta leave .
  10. Happy Birthday

  11. welcome ta the forums catch you in game
  12. Duffy


    welcome ta the forums Alcee see on the server
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