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  1. kingy615

    lol apparently according to my girl ots going to be a space child as im out this world don't k now how true that is I think she bigging me up there a little
  2. kingy615

    im now starting bet now as to whether im having a lass or a lad 10 pound min bet start placing ill be announcing when I find out
  3. kingy615

    add me on Xfire kingy615 I need a load of admins and members before I can get my tags lol
  4. kingy615

  5. kingy615

    welcome boobies to the forums
  6. kingy615

    wish my pizza would get delivered like that but I wonder did he get the sack for it lol
  7. kingy615

    great prank that
  8. kingy615

    lol made my day that has
  9. kingy615

    Welcome to the darkside mate
  10. kingy615

    Happy b Day
  11. kingy615

    no wonder he smiling at the end there after that big finish lol id hate to be his dry cleaner
  12. kingy615

    welcome peacemaker was good to see you on warthunder this morning
  13. kingy615

    i work with Flying Dutch in his Hotel in the UK