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  1. il never imagine them boobies the same again lol

  2. cuteboobies

    Hi boomslang, I already tried that but the msg. " I don't have a recovery date setup. or a restore point setup."
  3. cuteboobies

    hey budman. I can't shave it cobra will miss it.
  4. cuteboobies

    iboom2x. huskies still gonna kick your arse lol
  5. cuteboobies

    lol cuz I am not there to stop ur arse. don't worry this coming may 2015 I will be playing more time again son. but you still have to worry about cobra knifing ur arse anyway.jar jar jar
  6. cuteboobies

    yes mouselad but it will go the auto fix option right away.
  7. cuteboobies

    hahaha budman i know u r imagining the hairy part of it like cobra. say yes cobra.
  8. cuteboobies

    lol stinger
  9. cuteboobies

    one hard drive only ssd sandisk 240gb
  10. cuteboobies

    I can't boot it to safe mode. It will redirect to auto fix or diagnostic. but it won't fix anything. it will say the reset to earlier date was not setup.
  11. cuteboobies

    I need help. My win7 ultimate is not booting after I removed a bitlocker protection on my storage drive. Can Anybody help me please?
  12. Which one is better just for gaming AMD or Nvidia. I have HD 7870 Crossfire(d).
  13. cuteboobies

    hahaha randall and unchille should do one on one lol I mean fight one on one in COD...
  14. cuteboobies

    Hello XI's I noticed that there are some problem with shooting a far away enemy. I don't know if its just me or you guys having problems with it too. Most of the time I shoot them first but I can't hit them, then when they shoot back I get killed. IDK if it was just a bad angle while I am shooting.



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