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  1. moonpie

    Me too - just confirms why SteamGuard is required.
  2. moonpie

    Still playing CoD4 freezetag or did you move to something else? I really need to boot that back up and come shoot some idiots.
  3. moonpie

    Thanks all! Except Frenchi - FU Frenchi ! Still lurking here even though haven't gotten to play much lately. Hope everyone is doing well.
  4. moonpie

    USAF - 3c051
  5. moonpie

    Thanks, all!
  6. moonpie

    I play but during limited hours (usually 9-11/E). Should be able to be found in steam under either: Moonpie >XI< or Macman75
  7. I (still) play periodically, but the server was always full when i looked. Without the capability to get into a reserved spot like COD4, I had trouble getting in if Stringer wasn't online. Granted, my playtime was usually only from 9-11pm/E. Love the hyper-realism of the game and will still be poking around other ppl's servers. If i accidentally kill one of you idiots...remember to type "np" cause i'm as good at that game as i was at freezetag... Look for me as moonpie >XI< or Macman75. Moon
  8. moonpie

    Wow, I was just thinking about Cobra the other day and how he got me into XI. I'm so saddened to hear this. I always could depend on Cobra to drop a "FU Moonie" with that rusty voice of his and it would always lighten my mood - He is one of the major reasons I played CoD for so long. Gonna miss you, brother. Condolences to the families: both his and the XI family.
  9. I haven't had a problem with Stringer getting me into the game... Thanks again, Stringer.
  10. moonpie

    Heck yeah, was definitely fun. Much of my knowledge comes from the Your Overwatch channel on Youtube...
  11. moonpie

    Hmm, not sure I know a Monika. "Hey guys, do we know a Monika?"....oh wait, she is the one that is always killing me while cursing at me using words I don't understand. Welcome Monika! About time.
  12. moonpie

    She is even better after a few drinks it seems. She flows between languages like she is handling snakes in a mountain church in the blue hills of Kentucky. (Don't bother trying to understand the reference, Monika - I did it to confuse you... )
  13. moonpie

    Just now seeing this. Not sure if anyone is still playing but my battened is: macman75#1108
  14. moonpie

    Goats Layer - Congrats!
  15. moonpie

    Crap, now I'll never be able to pronounce it.
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