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  1. I'd like to thank you Admin guys for kicking hackers off our server, it's not fair for us to be at a disadvantage, so this is a place for our fun.

  2. I don't understand you guys who hate mac, windows since it was created just change the clothes, the same problem since the W 3.1 blue screen and virus all the time garbage.
  3. Yes I have no problem with my MAC
  4. Hello guys, could someone give me the address of the new server, thanks

  5. caciusclay7

    I would like to thank the rotation of the maps, but I don't understand why in 1 year I only played the lunar map once
  6. Hello friends, can anyone tell me if there is any other way to donate other than paypal? thanks
  7. caciusclay7

    welcome to the forums
  8. caciusclay7

    welcome to the forums
  9. caciusclay7

    Welcome and enjoy friend
  10. caciusclay7

    Hi Ge Ge welcome to the forums
  11. caciusclay7

    welcome iBrock
  12. caciusclay7

    No, but thank you anyway
  13. caciusclay7

    Sharpe, I'm saying those voices, special, it is funny, not the default ones, I can't explain it, some use it sometimes NOT DEFAULT VOICES. Thank you
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