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  1. caciusclay7

    No, but thank you anyway
  2. caciusclay7

    Sharpe, I'm saying those voices, special, it is funny, not the default ones, I can't explain it, some use it sometimes NOT DEFAULT VOICES. Thank you
  3. caciusclay7

    Yes fancy voices
  4. caciusclay7

    I have no idea of your question, how I would remember it, with 100000 things in my head, lol
  5. Hello friends how can I have those crazy voices I use mac to play? thank you
  6. I know I'm not Admin, but I do not think it's fair. the newbies who just want to kill to impress


  7. Sharpe, sorry I did not know it was you, you know I have consideration for you, but I think it's cool people who just want to kill and be in the hall of fame, but I still do not understand anything because you had 65 score and now you have 34 ?

  8. Yes thank you very much Ayaq
  9. caciusclay7

    Hello friends, I use MacOS to play COD 4 and I do not know if my keyboard is badly configured, I can not access the care package, I tried everything, in the configuration of the game, on the keyboard, can someone help me please
  10. caciusclay7

    Thank you man, u see nice hum!!!
  11. caciusclay7

    lol no way, he converted to Islam, I am a Christian and certainly never did
  12. caciusclay7

    Congrats and welcome to the clan Graywolf!
  13. caciusclay7

    Many thanks, for the help of Admin Roxy, YACCster, WildPenguim, sharpe and all, and thanks also for all the messages CaciusClay7>XI<
  14. caciusclay7

    Thank you very much to be member thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!
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