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  1. Ripper

    Tampa would be great but Miami would be better South Beach topless beach
  2. I have my sights on u know.
  3. Ripper

  4. Ripper

    After listen Cradle of Faith I need to go to Church and PRAY, But I did like it. LOL
  5. Ripper

    That is FN Funny
  6. Ripper

    What a ass!!!!!!
  7. Ripper

    :baby: I'm Pimping out my bitch angus for a very low cost 20.00, he is nice and tight for all u men, he will have his glory hole clean and shaven, I do take discounts on multiple men, more the merrier. :baby: :baby:
  8. Ripper

    That is sooooo cute angus gatorgirl can play with your man boobies lolol
  9. Ripper

    I like them pretty cool
  10. Ripper

    Bitch Where are my nuggets, That is to funny
  11. Ripper

    but angus she is still trying to find it, dinky boy
  12. Ripper

    I just want to thank everyone on my sales I just sold out of wildthing ear plugs, I will let everyone know when I restock
  13. Ripper

    I already have Wet Dreams about Chris ( the only problem he has a little dinky)
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