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  1. there are more players complaining on this mod then having fun, this mod is definitely NOT hardcore! mod was fun untill all the changes, instead of making weapons weaker why dont make the other ones better Not happy with This Mod in all the years i played here i have never complained.


  3. Hi Rugger, I thought this new mod would be a closer version of hardcore, but its the other way around its a softer version then the last one, when you where testing the new mod it was awesome and now the setting are so bad almost all players are complaining, instead of making some weapons weaker why dont you make the other ones better more accurate. the new mod is more frustrating then fun.
  4. map mp_4t4hangar map mp_78workshop map mp_agroprom map mp_ammaedara4 map mp_arbo_a map mp_archives map mp_beta map mp_bjelowar map mp_bjwifi_port map mp_blue_italy map mp_bo2hydro2 map mp_bo2yemen map mp_bpu_shack map mp_burg map mp_canal_bf3 map mp_cod4malta map mp_death_street map mp_desertglory map mp_tra_houseparty map mp_voq


  5. Hello Sweetie,


    Can you please send me maps so I can make a rotation

    thank you love


  6. Ripper

    This appeal and its replies are in a public forum and can be seen by all. What server were you banned from?: cod 4 freeze tagWhen did you get banned?: 9/16/2019What was your in-game name?: RipperWhat is your game GUID (if known): Why do you think you were banned?: Looks like Im Banned From Your server they say for glitching the map I know was high rise and if you get shot off the side of the building if u going into spec and come back in u respawn with no gun u just run around cant shot cant do anything I don't thing that is glitching. Ill talk 3 lick of your paddle. lol
  7. Ripper

    Tampa would be great but Miami would be better South Beach topless beach
  8. Ripper

  9. Ripper

    After listen Cradle of Faith I need to go to Church and PRAY, But I did like it. LOL
  10. Ripper

    That is FN Funny
  11. Ripper

    What a ass!!!!!!
  12. Ripper

    :baby: I'm Pimping out my bitch angus for a very low cost 20.00, he is nice and tight for all u men, he will have his glory hole clean and shaven, I do take discounts on multiple men, more the merrier. :baby: :baby:
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