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  1. HudsoN

    Hi all just to let you all know this will be my last night of gaming until th24 as I'm off on my holiday to canary islands. gran canaria for 2 weeks.
  2. HudsoN

    Welcome to >XI<
  3. HudsoN

    Welcome to >XI<
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    Welcome to >XI<
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    congrats blackrose.
  7. HudsoN

    Welcome to >XI<
  8. HudsoN

    Welcome to >XI<
  9. HudsoN

    Welcome to >XI<
  10. HudsoN

    Rules are put on servers and websites for a reason. Their also there to be followed. if for any reason you cant take a few minutes to read or follow the rules then the server/web site is not for you. find another server/website that excepts that kind of behaviour. our admins keeps our servers running for people to have fun and Not to be abused or called names by any means. You say this is one of your favourite's, so you have played here before, so you should know the rules. When ever someone goes on another server follow rules and show respect. your find more fun and wont get kicked/banned. Typing the N-word in game for all too see is a racist remark and against our rules. This may be fun for you and your other mates and also for you to talk this way, but others can take offence by this.
  11. HudsoN

    any news whenthe arma3 servers will be back up ?
  12. HudsoN

    Welcome to >XI<
  13. HudsoN

    Welcome to >XI<
  14. HudsoN

    Welcome to the forums
  15. only fools and horses. can sit down for hours watching this
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