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  1. HudsoN

    My condolences to you and your family
  2. HudsoN

    merry christmas all
  3. prayer's for your wife, and a speedy recovery.
  4. HudsoN

    life really sucks my friend, but stay strong for your love one;s. things like this is never easy, but you will get to live with it over time. one thing i will say, your brother will always be with you in your heart whereever you go. my prayer's are with you all at this time in need. keep your head up and be strong >XI< will always be here if you need to talk and let of some steam.
  5. HudsoN

    Welcome to >XI<
  6. HudsoN

    Welcome to >XI<
  7. HudsoN

    Welcome to >XI<
  8. HudsoN

    Welcome to >XI< Hog
  9. Prayers to him and his family. God bless and RIP.
  10. HudsoN

    Happy birthday guys have a great day.
  11. HudsoN

    we all need to keep our hands together and keep the prayers going. bart is still with us all and things can change. lets hope this is the case. i will keep my hands together for them both.
  12. im around most week days at 7pm bst. also most sundays from 7.30pm bst.
  13. praying for both. hope they both get well soon.
  14. HudsoN

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