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  1. only fools and horses. can sit down for hours watching this
  2. HudsoN

    Welcome to >XI<
  3. HudsoN

    haven't been about much over the last week as work was a little busy.
  4. HudsoN

    if you go to armaholics.com your find just about everything you need.
  5. Welcome to the forums
  6. HudsoN

    both arma servers off line
  7. HudsoN

    ok no worries
  8. HudsoN

    cheers edd
  9. HudsoN

    we need an arma channel on ts
  10. HudsoN

    get her a rug/mat to lay on. if she doesn't go on it get some treats and every time she goes on the rug/mat give her a treat and a big fuss. german shepards are easy to train. time to put your best slippers and shoes up and give her the old ones. good luck with her.
  11. HudsoN

    ok no probs
  12. HudsoN

    I think it's awesome. the only thing is you will need to get the dlc packs as well. you get to do just about everything you can throw at a game. very tactical. depends on the missions you play. the more that play the more fun it is and team work is the key.
  13. HudsoN

    best dogs to have. I have at the moment. great temperament all round. she is lovely and you can see already she is gonna be a big dog. looks like a belgain sheppard
  14. HudsoN

  15. HudsoN

    no worries ill pop on ts tomorrow around 7ish.
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