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  1. HudsoN

    very good. great song. may be I should make my son listen to it. This is the kind of song that will make a difference to people who thinks of giving up.
  2. HudsoN

    Welcome to the >XI< forums.
  3. HudsoN

    welcome to the >XI< forums
  4. HudsoN

    Welcome to >XI<
  5. HudsoN

    Welcome to >XI<
  6. HudsoN

  7. HudsoN

    Welcome to >XI<
  8. HudsoN

    Welcome to the forums
  9. great game. and very fast. not come across hackers has of yet.
  10. HudsoN

    count me in. any team
  11. HudsoN

    Welcome to the forums Ge Ge. Hope to see you in game
  12. The players who have the rank 65 have been playing on the server for years. takes time to get to that stage. forgot how long freeze tag has be going. I was in ESC and also AAT playing freeze tag with >XI<. others you see that had 65 have had some issue's and are now a lower rank. there is no foul play here, unless your hacking in some way :)...... just stop killing bitch (Oster)....:)
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