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  1. Sikon_

    Yeah, it a on one of the maps in rotation now. Next to the flipped over truck. Same effects as nerve gas. I end up getting shot trying to get out of the crap. Lol
  2. Sikon_

    yes! How rude!! Lol, but no. I definitely play my share. I'm good with making room for another player. Regardless if they're a clan member or not. But the team I was on better not defrost them!!
  3. Sikon_

    There's no membership request area though. Who do I need to knife for a set of tags? LOL
  4. Sikon_

    Okay, again I was just wondering. I don't get redirected that often, aside from when I join and the server has 27 or 28 players already. Witch is obvious why. Felt weird even asking, like.. wtf.. why you kick me.. kind of vibe typing it. But, I wasn't sure.
  5. I was wondering about the redirect procedures on the 146b9 server. It doesn't bother me to get redirected for clan members. I was just wondering on how its chosen. Normally I'll play in server 1 if I planned on playing another map or if I planned on logging out after that map, I just log out anyways.
  6. Sikon_

    @BlackRose No problem, your welcome.
  7. Sikon_

    @[email protected] How's this? One with the animation, other without. I gave it more height as well so it didn't seem crowded, i'm not sure it needed it though?
  8. Sikon_

    @Unchileno That was the plan. I tried multiple black Rose's, from actual Rose's to rose petals. I couldn't get it to blend properly and just ended up looking like a black blob in the middle of the sig. 😕
  9. Sikon_

    @BlackRose You havn't said what you wanted on it. But, this is what I came up with. lol Let me know if you want anything changed.
  10. Sikon_

    Happy birthday man!
  11. Sikon_

    Sure, I can see what I can come up with. Do you know what you want or anything in particular?
  12. Sikon_

    Thank you! 🙂
  13. Sikon_

    I think that got it, and made the spark fade out more at the end and slowed down the restart by another second or so.
  14. Sikon_

    Looking at it now, I can see some black patches around the letters. Going to need to go in an remove that layer. It's a layer that was there for added drop shadow.
  15. Sikon_

    An updated version. I'm thinking about adding a bit more to it, I just need to play around with it and see if it looks okay.