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  1. Sgt_Twinkie

    maybe a heat issue? If the thermal compound didn't spread well that could cause random issues. Also try running only one stick of memory and retest for stability. If it works install the other mem stick and see if it fails.
  2. Sgt_Twinkie

    be sure to disable the integreted graphics. that may release the other 2gb of memory
  3. Sgt_Twinkie

    I bought the 2060 super and it runs great. I got the gigabyte oc one. No regrets
  4. Sgt_Twinkie

    Belted, don’t forget to turn my hacks back on. Welcome back
  5. Sgt_Twinkie

    I promised the devil my eternal soul as long as I was the one to stoke the fire under my ex wife’s ass in hell. Fuck that bitch!
  6. Sgt_Twinkie

    I ran into this in cod5. My profile I copied from my old computer was used on an original dvd install. I didn’t put a dvd drive in my new computer so I bought the steam version. Your game key and profile are connected. So if you are using another game key on the new computer your old profile won’t be available
  7. Sgt_Twinkie

    Ryzen 3600, gigabyte X570 elite, 32 gb Galileo 3200 MHz ram, 1tb Samsung 860 evo, 750 EVGA Supernova g3, gigabyte 2060 super, coolermaster 212 black cpu cooler, coolermaster H500’s case. And yes the rgb makes 130 more horsepower lol
  8. Sgt_Twinkie

    New pc pics and yes the RGB adds 130 more horsepower and 160 torque 3B3F0F75-653F-45AA-9E9D-8F6E8D48050B.MOV
  9. Sgt_Twinkie

    Congrats on your new rig. Post the specs please. My new rig has AMD Ryzen 3600 running 4.2ghz all core overclock, gigabyte X570 elite, 32 gb gskill 3200 MHz ram, EVGA 750 supernova g3, gigabyte 2060 super oc video card, 1 tb Samsung 860 evo ssd, coolermaster h500 case, coolermaster 212 black cooler.
  10. Sgt_Twinkie

    My profile was attached to my dvd version product code. So when I installed the steam version and copied the profile from my old pc to the new one it would not let me use it. So I just pulled my dvd drive from my old pc and temporarily hooked it up to my new one. Once I installed it the old profile worked.
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