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  1. justjoe

    Thanks All, It was a great day! even got to cut out of work a couple of hours early.
  2. justjoe

    Thanks I will for sure
  3. justjoe

    Happy Birthday,Hope it's a Great One!!
  4. justjoe

    Thank you all! It's been a great day
  5. justjoe

    Thanks Guys for looking into this
  6. justjoe

    Hi, could I please have a cod5 admin reset the sniper server I've noticed that it freezes the last three days on the 4sale cheap map. thanks in advance.
  7. justjoe

    Cheers Johnny, Have a great Birthday!!
  8. justjoe

    Thanks Guys, I will sure try
  9. Hey Johnny I have the same Vape it's awesome! Sorry to get off topic but does Ford need his mommy to battle in the media for him now. Can him he's a dumbass!!
  10. justjoe

    Good Luck to him!! from another Hockey dad and Coach.
  11. justjoe

    Good job Jr.. What age group is little Joe in?
  12. justjoe

    Good job Dean, The way you knife me I woulda thought you won alot!! Nice work.
  13. justjoe

    This is our newest family member. He is 3 1/2 months old we've had him for 2 weeks.
  14. justjoe

    I'm with TheLastColdBeer!! That Charger is the shit!!!!
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