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  1. WeednFeed

    You’re so young 12 years! La petite fille I hope I copied that from my google search correctly lol!
  2. WeednFeed

    In Canada we are allowed to grow 4 plants each for personal use! We don't use that stuff but maybe we could barter it lol!
  3. The Mrs. turned 65 today! She will now receive her Canadian Old Age Security (OAS) check every month for life! It’s the government pension here in Canada. I will receive my first check next June. Yes she is a cradle robber. With our OAS our CPP and the little bit of savings we have we will survive! Cheers have a great day! Wayne
  4. WeednFeed

    Thanks for organizing these sales. Takes a lot of your personal time.
  5. WeednFeed

    I'll take one each!
  6. WeednFeed

    It was EVE'S CHERRY that Adam plucked and yes we MEN have been paying for that ever since! lol
  7. WeednFeed

    Hell were all you punks rich? I had 5 siblings we were poor but didn’t know it because everyone was poor lol. I was born in 1957. All the kids in the neighborhood (not HOOD like the gangsters <GANGBANGERS> of today) would get together in the fall to play football. No one could afford a football so we used a bleach bottle, true story. When I was in grade 11 taking electrical training the teachers used slide rules and we used trig tables. After a trade show one of our teachers showed us a pocket calculator he bought, I think it was like $80 and was able to add, multiply subtract band divide. My how times have changed.
  8. WeednFeed

    Any hair is good hair at my age! I don’t care what colour it is!
  9. As some of you know I’ve done a bit of hunting, shooting and reloading over the years. Over the last 20 years the increase of firearms, ammunition and reloading supplies sales in North America, (Canada too) has gone through the roof. For several years items have been out of stock and price gouging has occurred. This year I was fortunate to draw a moose tag her in my home province of New Brunswick. Thank god I have a fairly good supply of reloading components to build a good hunting load for moose. I did however start looking for other optional projectiles BUT NINE ARE available anywhere. I called Both Speer and Sierra bully smiths only to be told nothing is available for reloader’s as they are trying to supply the bullet manufacturing industry. I got the same answer from both Speer and Sierra “The fear of more stringent GUN CONTROL in the USA has driven gun, ammunition and reloading components individuals into panic buying and hoarding.” I was also told “Over 10,000,000 more Americans have purchased firearms for the first time and over 5,000,000 have started reloading” Please folks don’t make this into another debate along political lines. My statement is just to highlight the supply shortages the shooting industry is now experiencing. @Ruggerxi the short story is if you see some grab them quick and grab more than you need. Good luck
  10. WeednFeed

    Sad news, my condolences to you and your family.
  11. Anyone else have this issue? This happened again 2 days ago.
  12. WeednFeed

    Wow something to give thanks for. So happy for you both. Wayne
  13. WeednFeed

    @Burt(XI) That's a great boat! I love it. Congratulations. I'm just a little jealous lol. I'll have to stick with my little 16 foot jon boat. A poor man's boat but I love it lol!
  14. @loaderXI Thanks but I don’t believe I’m the only one. Another player was talking about it in game on voice chat. I remarked to him that I’ve never heard anyone else complain about it. Less than 24 hours later I experienced the same issue. Hopefully others may have had the same thing happen and can chime in. Thanks Weed
  15. Hello: @Ruggerxi @WldPenguin Someone in game mentioned yesterday their screen stayed fuzzy for longer than 30 seconds after being blinded by am EMP. I had mentioned it never happened to me. Well just last map it happened to me after the 30 seconds were up my screen stayed al fuzzy and I could not use my remote defrost. This effect lasted for about 60 after my 30 second count down clock ran out and did not go away until I died and re-spawn. I can not recall the map name? It was the map with a small pond and bridge on the lower level. also there is a wall on the far lowest section people can climb a ladder and shoot from. Thanks
  16. Richard Dawson’s statement is so relevant at this time. Seems to be too much hate around.
  17. WeednFeed

    Most of my gardening is shared with friends and family. I just love sharing with people. As things ripen i load up and make deliveries. Sometimes I take items to the soup kitchens, they always need help.
  18. WeednFeed

    @bds1961The flavor is great! I believe it is still curing and expect the moisture dissipates the oils/flavor will intensify. I roasted a few cloves with olive oil, salt and pepper. I tasted a bit, it was smooth. I went back to get more the wife and grand daughters ate it all!
  19. WeednFeed

    @Tony Turrets @ShadyBrady This mommy’s boy never grew up! TonyTurrets’ war cry describes thus guy perfectly “DICK ASS”
  20. Finally the garlic has dried enough to remove the stalks, roots and the outer skins. This is a Hard neck Porcelain called Music after the man who created this variety. The majority of the cloves are bigger than the seed stock I received last fall at planting time. Hard Neck varieties should be planted in the fall to allow good root development until it goes dormant at freeze up. The garlic should be well mulched with straw of leaves to stabilize the ground from ant freeze thaw cycles that would be detrimental to the young root systems. I planted about 120 gloves last October and harvested 104. I was pleased with the outcome. I now take a lot of pictures to record things as my memory doesn’t work like it used to or maybe I really don’t care to remember the little details of life. Anyway here are a few pictures I’ve taken, the scale pictures will be used this time next year to see if my harvest/ bulb and glove size increases. As always enjoy and thanks for checking out the posts! Wayne Teaser we will have an onion post soon
  21. WeednFeed

    Here is a picture of my sandwich I had for my supper after taking dad home. This it the way looks just enough pink. I slightly warmed it in the microwave and I mean slightly lol I know it’s not sliced across the grain but Mrs Weed cut and I’m not criticizing her! Still taste beautiful!
  22. WeednFeed

    Getting forgetful! I didn’t think to take a picture of the slices. I gave the parents the smaller piece. The thicker part was medium but mother turned her nose up. I sliced it all up for them so they can make sandwiches etc. I left 2 1/2 pound pieces of the medium so mother can murder it lol. When I left dad was pounding the slices to him! He said it was the best roast beef he’s ever tasted. That’s justification enough for me right there. If he’s happy I’m happy. Thanks fir the comments Wayne
  23. Picked up a 9.6 pound Sirloin Centre cut roast. Cut it down the middle, trussed it put a few cloves of garlic in it. Rubbed it with liberal amounts of pink salt and coarse ground pepper. Kniwimy mother won’t eat beef unless it is dried out tough as leather. I cooked it to 165 F in the thin bits and 145 in the thicker bits. I describe it at medium and medium well. If I was cooking it for myself it would be medium and medium rare. Non the less it turned out delicious.
  24. Sad to loose another member. My condolences to all his family and friends. Just a crazy time lately loosing so many members. Wayne
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