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  1. cold fusion

    Good fucken luck!!!
  2. cold fusion

    [ Sunset 150' above my house 1/27/16
  3. cold fusion

    My new toy! 4k video and 12 mp stills!
  4. cold fusion

    How do I add pics to this ??
  5. cold fusion

    Awesome pics everyone!
  6. cold fusion

    Great pics! Looked like a good time...
  7. cold fusion

    I couldn't download anything yesterday on the xi server, had to use the downloader, worked seamlessly.....
  8. Janey, you said "add file with cod" .What's that mean?
  9. cold fusion

    I'm having the same issues as beast! Brand new pc, finally a d can't play for longer then 2 minutes!
  10. Sometimes, I just dont know!!!

  11. Sometimes the head gets confused...just listen to your heart

  12. cold fusion

    Love it
  13. cold fusion

    My computer has been dying for 5 years. Stick with it. Im still running xp and love it!!
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