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  1. MistyShell

    Yes Target Ant got banned and that was with his own copy of COD 4, Target Ant is not my child, only ring in nephew... This is on my kids copy of COD 4, has only happened in the last 12 months as their computer shit it's self, I will take their hard drive out and see what name was running on that computer over the next week or so, just waiting for their computer to be fixed, thanks for all the help..
  2. MistyShell

    I brought 3 copies of COD 4, the kids one is Banned on XI (and only XI), my copy is fine, this is why I brought everyone their own copy..
  3. MistyShell

    I have tried to get the GUID, but am having trouble...
  4. MistyShell

    Is that the CD Key
  5. MistyShell

    Hi all, I have just loaded my kids COD 4 on a new computer and went in to Join XI Freeze Tag and got an error to say their permanently banned, can some please HELP me with this asap.
  6. MistyShell

    Thought I would drop a line or two, haven't been on much lately, my computer cord decided to shit it's self, but it is all good again now. Fucking computer will be the death of me..LOL..So will c ya all in game...???
  7. MistyShell

    Can not sign into Team Speak, can someone PLEASE help me, was saved to my computer, but now saying wrong password..
  8. MistyShell

    Good news, my computer is working and I am able to come and play...
  9. MistyShell

    Well I should be back on tomorrow night, my new computer will be here tomorrow, so will go threw everything and make sure it all good. Can NOT wait, having withdrawals...See ya all soooooooooonnnnnnnnn......
  10. MistyShell

    Hey all, hopefully I will be back on this week, they have told me they can't fix my computer, so they have sent me a new one, it is suppose to be here by Wednesday. It was more then just the Video Card and at no fault of my own, so lucky it was under warranty. Looking forward to coming back to shoot "em" up and kicking some ass...
  11. MistyShell

    Hey all, yes it sucks...
  12. MistyShell

    Hi, a few of us have witnessed Angelina swapping teams when Frozen, this is becoming a regular thing.
  13. MistyShell

    Hey all, sorry haven't been on much, had a big month with B'day's and family. Hopefully things will settle back down for awhile, be able to come kick some ass's (LOL).. C u all soon..
  14. MistyShell

    Hi all, sorry I haven't been on, been busy with family, will try to come on.
  15. MistyShell