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  1. Daxx68

    R.I.P Starfire .. My condolences to his family .
  2. Thanks for the info. Will do that
  3. Daxx68

    Merry Christmas to all ...
  4. Daxx68

    TY Sob miss playing CoD with him,it was always a blast.. pic from 2009
  5. Daxx68

    Wow has it been that long, Congrats... I think im right there to LOL , Dam WE ARE GETTING OLD....
  6. Daxx68

    My Prayers to his wife and family He will be Missed....
  7. Daxx68

    My condolences to the family and girlfriend .
  8. Daxx68

    I'll Miss him Greatly, He was the one who helped me get into XI ,loved playing with him. My prayers for his family. May His Flamethrower Burn Brightly...
  9. I'm Speechless.,. Dadda Will truly Be Truly Missed. Prayers to his family..
  10. Mac will be missed but NEVER forgotten . R.I.P
  11. Daxx68

    Sounds Like Fun. I'll haft to give it a go after my hand heals some more...
  12. Daxx68

    Had a Blast Just Wish I could Played Longer...
  13. Daxx68

    Quad Shot,,,, Nothing in Nothing on it Mmmmm Good..
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