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COD4 Knife Tourny

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We are  having a knife only tournament for COD 4 .
Saturday June 12 ..1pm EST
 This is open to members and non members. First place ( totaled from all 3 maps  will get a medal,, not for non members)

 This will be Deathmatch >XI< Knife Only

The tournamet will be played on 3 maps each 12 mins long.

map rotation is  map mp_killhouse  map mp_barn map mp_mw2_rust

Server password is knifetrny

The servers are up now and ready to play and get warmed up. You should
also get the downloads to make sure you don't miss out on any knifing time.

 The results will be posted on this post along with any news or updates on the tournament. If you can
 please take 45 mins out of your day and make this a success for the clan
and we will do more of these things in the future.



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17 hours ago, BlackRose said:

Well thank you to @2_MANY_BEERS and @spongePRObob (Aka oldfirehand)

for showing up..lol..looks like I kicked some butt!!! dont have screenshot from first map






but i didnt play tha lasy game, i showed you a killhouse glitch xD


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Guest FunkyJosh>XI<
10 hours ago, spongePRObob said:


I hope your behaving yourself 🥲😉

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Im sorry you were in a glitch and had to go to spec to get out,,are you saying that you were winning at that time??? It was near beginging on the map. Non members cant get medals. If you think you won please show me numbers,,,I will correct them if they are wrong.

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