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  1. Maximus

    Thx all
  2. Maximus

    Welcome to Idiots
  3. Maximus

    Thank you for the welcome greetings I look forward to playing with you again [email protected]
  4. My ID are II#7832091 on PS4 i like join the Regiment please greeting [email protected]
  5. My ID was PHXMaximus , i Play on PS4 but is no Problem at connect with PC and XBOX
  6. .........and at a contemplative time with the family RIP Dadda old m8
  7. Maximus

    Me to ????
  8. Maximus

    The lost Son is still there ? i join 2011 the amazing XI Clan and have a lot of Time fun here! Now i Play only PS4 Call of Duty, there are Members here who also Play on PS4 ? Cheers [email protected] ???
  9. Hi XI, s I wanted to say hello again after a long time! I hope you all are well! Best regards [email protected]
  10. Maximus

    :lol: 2 Idtiot,s 1 Fest :lol: nice Google, please call me for the next fest we going in the middle of €
  11. Maximus

    i use my old Woodbox it,s the best TV with tube :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. Maximus

    Happy Birthday, Girly :-) [email protected]
  13. Maximus

    Oh WoW what for a Big Birthdayparty , thank,s all Friends,s here ! Mx
  14. Maximus

    Hi Olivia Welcome to the Idiot,s :lol: :lol: M X
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