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  1. ~Marley

    Happy Birthday Pete!!!?
  2. ~Marley

    Thanks Guys!!
  3. ~Marley

    My GTX 1080 I bought almost 2 years ago is still worth more than I paid for it!
  4. ~Marley

    Your Mom doesn't seem to mind...
  5. ~Marley

    Steam name: ~Marley>XI<
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    Thanks Everyone !!
  7. ~Marley

    Plumber, Electrician, Design, Sales & IT ... most of the time in that order
  8. ~Marley

    Very nice, it should run great! You will be able to set everything to Ultra on just about any game and it will be buttery smooth.
  9. ~Marley

    Happy Belated B-Day!!!
  10. I was once an AMD sucker ..Phenom...FX Ryzen does not in any way make up for it, esp at the minimal differences in price / performance. No mention of specs on GPU or Mobos as already mentioned makes the benchmark video to be taken with a grain of salt. I also noticed in the AMD half the player is mostly looking downward while the Intel side the viewpoint is more upward keeping more detail in view... For example my i7 6700k will do GTA V around 158-164fps @1080p everything on ultra/ high as it goes with a 1080 GTx and around 170-180 fps if I look at the ground.... I have looked at Ryzen specs/ actual benchmarks for various real world applications, for multi monitor 4k+ gaming it is worth looking at. For proven longevity and stability I'll stick with Intel even if it costs me a few bucks more. The Ryzen platform looks much better than their previous ones, at least now they can compete with Intel which is a good thing for everyone. If they don't put up good numbers financially with Ryzen it may be the end for AMD and that would be bad for everyone.
  11. ~Marley

    You can externally mount a full size card IF and only IF you have USB 3.1 and it needs to have full USB 3.1 spec compliance. The thing about laptops, they are not very upgradeable and they are usually limited by a bios whitelist to what you can use to upgrade. They want you to buy their parts and their parts only. You can sometimes find a Bios update that will open the whitelist (if it has one) on older laptops allowing you a better upgrade path. That being said I would reccomend you upgrade the RAM to 16gb and go with the 980m you should see a performance increase. Does that lappy have a SSD or just the 1tb 7200rpm drive? I would suggest an SSD for the main operating system and the games you play the most The best advice I can give you is get a new laptop or build a PC
  12. ~Marley

    I would share my one night stands with you, after all I was a founding member of the St Louis Sluts club in 1996 and we met on Mon Wed Fri and Sat nights. I think it would need a it's own forum section.
  13. ~Marley

    2 words: Monitor Wall