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  1. ~Marley

    Happy Birthday!!!
  2. ~Marley

    How is nothing being done for the Campers...something is being done for the campers. A jump nerf. Is Camping being nerfed? Will Campers be visibly marked for all to see? No? then something is indeed being done for the Campers, a jump nerf so they don't have to try hard. hell they can play one handed! It might be time for a Cod 4 uninstall to make way for other things
  3. ~Marley

    many thanks!
  4. ~Marley

    I searched for a Hot Sauce named Esophogeal Decay, figured that had to be hot.....this is what google gave as the Top result I apologize to anyone brave enough to watch for wasting your time ;D https://youtu.be/wQq82ktKxA0
  5. ~Marley

    Chkn did you get your Cod4 issue worked out? I lost my CD a long time ago but still have the Key. I found and have on file an ISO for the cod 4 installation cd and the no cd crack if you need it. As long as you have a valid key it will work for the basic installation. I have patch files as well.
  6. In one episode they made more progress than 6 seasons of The Curse of Oak island!
  7. Baldie from my perspective 49 ping I can't hit you unless I dump a full clip and hope the last bullet hits, I can literally watch bullets impacting objects behind a player that passed through them without hitting them if their ping is over 100. I'm sure people that share your latency have no problem hitting you or others in the above 100 ping zone. It isn't fun shooting blanks in a first person shooter idgaf who I'm playing with it's pointless. So is nerfing the game to a hold still while I shoot at you mod(Server 1). Run n Gun has always been part of the game. I used to play CoD 4 in TWL and CAL-I competition leagues. I may get a little more competitive than some but this is a TEAM oriented game, Freeze Tag makes it even more TEAM oriented. It's not so much about who's the best other than which Team it's about working together to bring home the win . Totally agree about the vegetation it's lame and cheating. I play every game with settings as high as they go i like all the eye candy turned on(not that there really is any in this game lol)
  8. Ok I'll rescind the console port part. BUT <~it's a big one.. You have to deal with teammates that don't use stealth, how is that not interesting enough? and yes it is favoring campers, god forbid they have to stop staring at that tiny sliver of doorway or window to have to look around once in a while. Lets make a secure zone drop some claymores that are OP over the "balancing" perk.
  9. The game already favors those with high pings, i.e 110-160 ping = almost invincible to anyone with a decent ping and if the console settings get locked so everyone has terrible hit registration like the Freezetag 1 server where I can put multiple clips into a player and only every 10th bullet registers a hit, does no damage AND you're changing the way stealth works with mines..you give up a lot to use stealth its a good balance the way it is nerfing it ruins it. It seems the mod is being tailored to help high ping campers while also being turned into a console port. Let's disable tubes and sniper rifles. The smaw is cool tho keep that. How about a preset console variable set of everyone 100 maxpackets and 250fps forced......my cell phone has the horsepower to play this game at 250 fps any PC less than 10 yrs old should be able to as well. If someone's hardware isn't up to snuff to handle a 12 year old game why should eveyone suffer. Turn off the Tubes. My two cents yeah yeah it's late but I've been busy essen mich
  10. I just can't see how they are going to top Arya side boob... it's a tough act to follow.
  11. ~Marley

    LoL @ Hammer it was a govt subcontractor, making parts for a non existent thing? You are Ex navy? Thank you for your service. Were you one of the ones that refused to fight in battle so they used them for experimentation? Your Brain is cooked or just another willfully ignorant fool. People see satellites all the time in their Telescopes. Not a single one of the videos you posted has even a molecule of credibility. they were made by mentally deficient, for lack of a better descriptor, "Whack-jobs" that prey on the stupidity of people that revel in stupidity like pigs wallow in slop. Get some new foil maybe the heavy duty kind your hat is broken.
  12. ~Marley

    BTW I worked at a Foundry back in the day (a wednesday if it matters) and we manufactured parts for the ISS, It's up there...it is real.
  13. ~Marley

    In 1957 Sputnik was spotted, actually seen by many Americans across the US. It was what sparked the Space race. There are digital maps you can plug into telescope guidance systems, you can not only have it point you at a chosen satellite you can track them.
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