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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to Thunder in Memorial Day   
    Absolutely. All Gave Some, Some gave All. Freedom is not free.
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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to TBB in Memorial Day   
    They gave their all so we could - we need to remember
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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to MikeB in Memorial Day   
    Amen !!!
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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to SGTSmeg in Memorial Day   
    Remember the reason.  
    As Americans, we owe every last one our lost warriors our undying respect.
    I took this video clip while photographing a dear friends father's interment at Arlington National Cemetery.  LTC Mike Clune, a decorated veteran.  It was an amazing event to capture for the family.  Respect.
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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to BUDMAN in Memorial Day   
    Let's not forget the fallen heroes that gave us everything so we could enjoy the freedom we have as Americans
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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to McMurphy in Theory NO MORE!   
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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to BlackRose in Member Spotlight - PainKiller>XI<ADM   
    PainKiller>XI<ADM COD2
    Do you have any nicknames? Personal or in game?
    PainKiller, Pain, Pain in my ass, Pain in the ass. PK.
    When and where were you born?
    South East England, 1994 babyyyy!
    When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
    I think it was a pilot, or work in the Royal Navy. Never did, so instead I pretend I do in video games
    Where have you lived?
    My hometown, then Farnham in Surry, and now Canterbury in Kent     
    What got you into gaming?
    Just something I started off really early as a kid, and its been something I have loved ever since!
    Your first game you played?
    I really can't remember but I have a lot of memories of Rayman on the PS1 and Command and Conquer on the PC. I have played so many I can't remember.
    And what do you play now?
    I play a LOT of things, I don't think I can put them all here but here are my top 5 that I play now:
        War Thunder
        CoD 2
        7 Days to Die
        Project Zomboid
        ARMA 3
    Why did you join XI?
    My dad used to be an Admin in CoD2 way back when I was a teenager. I was the first JR member - you can double check if you'd like but when he left, I had to go with as I was only a JR but when I hit 18 or so, I came back, told folks in CoD2 who I was, and the rest is history. I am now a well established member of the clan, and an admin for CoD2 - something I never thought I would get!
    What do you get from being in this clan?
    A wonderful group of idiots in CoD2 I call my extended family. I have known them for about 14 years, and I have a lot of fond memories of all of them. Loader has been someone close to me for a very long time, and helped me grow into who I am now in the clan.
    What is your favorite hobby?
    Gaming, duh! My Steam account keeps growing, but I also have GOG and Origin games on top of that!! I have recently gotten into Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40k, and Magic the Gathering. Keeping me busy, and my bank account empty.
    What is your favorite travel destination?
    Bed, as I have never been abroad in my life, but I hope to change that one.
    What kind of pets do you have, if any? What are their names?
    I don't own pets, but through my life I have had cats, fish, a snake, a lizard and an owl. Currently, my parents have two dogs, who I love to pieces and wouldn't trade them for anything.
    What is an interesting fact about you?
    Have you continued your education past college or university with career development seminars or classes? What kind?
    I studied at Canterbury Christ Church University in Kent, doing Digital Media. Before that I did some months doing a Games Design course but left that because mental health.
    Did you know what profession you wanted to work in when you started college?
    Video games! But sadly, that has fallen to the wayside - but in the interim I am now in IT.

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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to TheLastColdBeer in Memorial Weekend   
    Have a great weekend! We left a bit early, but fire lit & beer poured.

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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to loaderXI in Free game for you wanna be hackers on Steam ! "Aimlabs"   
    Pick your damn guns up and stop shooting below the belt and get your hax haxed and zero in
    https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/aimlabs or here https://aimlab.gg/
    Good luck ya pukes 🤣
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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to TheLastColdBeer in Theory NO MORE!   
    On that note, I'll sing in agreement. We have a load of Octogenarian people in government that just WON'T back away from the trough. They've made multiple millions grifting off the system, and they can't get enough, even though they're one foot in the grave. Show them the door, let somebody with a life left make decisions.
    Side posty, most folks are conditioned now to apply a label to anyone that disagrees with them, even once. That automatically removes at least half the population from discussion. Bad move, and it's by design.
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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to MikeB in Theory NO MORE!   
    Russia, Russia, Russia !!!!!  You just described the Democrat party !!!  Not the Republicans !!  🙂  
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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to Ruggerxi in I was one car away from getting smashed   
    This is from my dashcam
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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to Majbasil in Theory NO MORE!   
      just sayin...  sure does seem like it to me...  
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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to MikeB in Theory NO MORE!   
    The report proves also that the Dems are pushing their communist agenda.  1st action of any communist plot.... imbed commies to sway elections and court cases by taking over all branches of government.  Then military enforcement of their will !!   Its the beginning of the end !! 
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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to TheLastColdBeer in Theory NO MORE!   
    I downloaded the report & will poke thru it at my leisure. Just wanted to grab a copy before it gets memory holed like so many other documents. You can lead a horse to water, but the majority are content being told they aren't thirsty.
    Lincoln said the only way this nation could fall was by its' own hand. Sure looks like he was correct.
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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to LtLaszlo in Theory NO MORE!   
    So, if you still think the 2020 (and 2022) elections were no rigged/stolen, you're not an Idiot, you're a complete MORON! If you don't get it after this week revelations, all hope is lost for you. And this doesn't even factor the other cheating, stuffing ballot boxes (2000 mules) and other shady BS that people resorted to.
    Gutfled nails it.mp4

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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to loaderXI in BudSr passed away this morning   
    BudSr Obituary notice
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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to X-RayXI in BudSr passed away this morning   
    One more:
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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to X-RayXI in BudSr passed away this morning   
    My goodness, this hits me like a truck. I am in tears,.. I can hardly type/write, sorry. It seems like I am always behind in what I want to do as in contacts. I know, I can't or couldn't help them, but gosh I dearly wished that.
    I feel so sorry for him, Kelley and the family over there. He and his family always there to help and in the past. BudSR was always in for fun and gaming. I still have game recordings with him on my Youtube. And things I got gifted after my place burned down. I will cherish them. My old friends falling one by one.

    I know he doesn't suffer anymore. BudSR, I love you man and I always will.
    Rest in Peace, my dear friend. I miss you. ....
    Video: Crysis 2 Demo; BudSR voice around 10 seconds in; 
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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to loaderXI in BudSr passed away this morning   
    It is with very sad news I report that BudSr aka Thad Porter passed away this morning
    Message from his wife Kelley on facebook
    "To all family and friends who have had us in their prayers these last few months I give a heartfelt thank you! My sweet husband passed away peacefully this morning around 4:30 surrounded by all my love. My heart is broken."
    Please continue to keep her, his family and friends in your thoughts and Prayers
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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to Spartacus in Greetings And A Final Word From hxtr   
    Hello Everybody, hxtr wanted me to forward this message to all of you. BTW He is doing better than ever and we will always be Buds....
    As for myself, I'm well if anyone cares lol.
    Ok Here it goes.
    Sparty.... 😎
    Hello XI, this is hxtr a message to you from I. I asked Sparty to post this rather me make an account to get banned. lol hahahaha OK now that's funny.
    First off, hope all is well. I've not been on your site in many months and seen a post about Budman. My heart and soul goes out to him and I pray for him. He's a great guy and a great friend. 520-3??-1?9? Bud, give me a call if up to it. I changed off my old 210 number and I didn't let too many people know. Ask Sparty for the missing numbers only if you want it.   
    Same number for a person I super miss, TBB. Much love Loader is another, tried to call, left a message but cool... we had some great chats. Hope all is well. RobMc, feel free and Hammer and Federal... feel free to call. Matter fact any of you can call even P-Man as long I don't have to waist my time again helping you fix you shit again to be SHUN once finished. Never a friend yet I gave LOTS of Olive branches you did not. Be nice to tell you I'm glad your doing OK after your heart issue. Crazy times... and our fear causes the most issues.
    XI, I hope today you can see this world is a bit off... and if you can't, well must be nice to be in Bliss. Must be an amazing experience. Like META kind of cool.... aka fake reality. So not going to HAARP on any of that, just I know many of you see today when before YOU DID NOT. Though Labob will never admit. hahahaha Thanks for the sigs Labob, I still have them and cherish them and use part of them.... all three.
    When the PLANdemic happened I seen what was coming, Event 201 with Bill G, DOD, CIA, at John Hopkins had me wondering when it was going to happen. That was October 18th 2020 days pretty much before the events. I can hear it now... Event 201, stop being ignorant. LOOK that shit up, then decide if you still think..... you know anything. LTLaslo knows the Genius among you.  
    When the PLAN hit I decided to make plans to run to the desert. Had a friend who wanted my help building cabins and he been asking for 9 years, it was time to make the run. I fired all my customers, sold my house and I ran. I ran like hell, not fearing the Virus, but the vaccine coming. So April 30, 2021 I went and May 1st I arrived here, living in a Tent for two weeks then a trailer Rat infested. It was an experience or the start of one. Unvaccinated, ready to build, man it was a cool but at times very hard time. No power most of the time, then no power at all, no running water.. food scarce. It was an experience training myself for today.
    I have so many funny stories and experiences but I'll try not writing a book.... though I have to tell this one story. Not going to leave one detail out. I was such a noob here. This place was SO hard to figure out. Everything looked the same. Getting lost was like just going the wrong direction yet you can see for MILES and MILES. I am at 4860 feet looking down on a valley, a city Sierra Vista and a Army Base Fort Huachuca a base constantly blowing up bombs. I was lost for the most part and it took me 3 months to get comfortable in my surroundings and another year or so to get better. 3 years now, I feel very comfortable where I'm at. I can not come close to describing this place, yet I can spend months trying. It is that interesting. What I get to see or witness and what I get to experience, how do I deserve this reality is my thinking. The animals alone... WOW.. not joking. I live in a zoo complexly untamed. It's perfect for I being untame able. NO one around me, NO one.. I don't see people at times for a month. I'm secluded hidden and hard to find, by design.

    My story, not making one word of this up. If anything I'm not going to express it good enough what it was like. I was with a buddy and we are drinking our asses off being here for only 2 weeks. I was working on a 20 tone bull dozer, I have pictures, building a pond, ended up a 3 acre pond. I go home from my friends and I jump on the Bulldozer to do more work, I had all this energy at 12 am and I have a 20 tone machine to play with..... half drunk... I grab another LARGE 32oz drink and head for the Dozer.
    I jump on the Dozer at 12am get her going (this thing is OLDer than TBB) and I get started. All was fine for the first hour but I was still drinking my ass off as this 32oz was stout. I'm ripping the crap out of earth removing crap White Thorn and making it so we can collect water on a good rain. Plus the effort was to get to good clay for projects ALSO make it so the Frogs had more water during monsoon. Colorado River frogs.... COOL SHIT.   
    I'm trucking away and I stall the Bull Dozer and at that time I was so drunk I couldn't figure out how to start it again. I just couldn't remember how to start it. So I jump off garbing my drink and flashlight and I go for a walk. You know how you get all drunk, braver than shit.. just making a path no matter where you go? So I'm walking in the desert and mind you this is not open fields, you have to navigate round stuff. I was in SHORTS, CROCKS and a T-Shirt my attire still today in Spring and Summer to Fall. I'm walking pondering thinking, remising... and I realized I had no idea where I was. It gets so dark you can't see anything and my nice flashlight was only good as far I could see it shine. At this time I realize I'm completely lost. So I find an area which was not easy as not to many clear areas but an area about 10' in diameter that I felt a good spot to take a nap, I was freaking tired, still had drink, drunk and I needed a nape, 3:30 am only doing 1 hour of Dozing...... bulldozing. I lay down get myself comfortable still having a good time and just pondered not able to sleep thinking about my dog at home waiting for me witch was motivation.
    At 4:30am the temps dropped. It was mid May and temps still drop at early morning. I have no blanket and it got cold. I knew I had to get up and start walking and I did. Of course I start walking the wrong direction but I had to keep going. The moon was up by then so I could see fine 20 feet in front of me give or take. It was bright and I forget my drink 1/4 full and my flashlight. So I walk and walk and walk and walk PRAYING for daylight PRAYING for someone to drive by that I could see. Fat chance out here.... Just doesn't happen.
    I find a road and again start walking the wrong direction clues of the dirt road I was on. But I felt at least a good direction. I begin to get desperate as it was freaking cold, low 40F and I'm in shorts, T-shirt and crocks... it was cold. Freaking high 80's that damn day. Then I seen this SUPER old water tank dug up from when a Railroad came through here during the Gold rush. So I finally knew I had a landmark I recognized realizing I went the complete wrong direction. I felt so much relief but still had a 2 mile walk to go back. By 6:30am the Sun started to coming up, still SUPER cold and I was freaking exhausted. My feet along were killing me. I make it home and my dog was pissed at me wondering where the hell I was at. Could not sleep as the Sun was up so went the day and had a party again that night.......... but NO WAY was I going to jump on that Dozer late at night again. I learned my dumbass lesson, kind of. It was such an experience. I understand today how people here ALL THE TIME get lost and die. It's SO easy to happen. Not joking. So many dangers and getting lost is only one. Finding Cow legs, Deer legs, guts from a Deer in a nice pile (Big Cat), Rattlesnake right out your front door... F..... it's no joke here at times. The way I want it.... it's PERFECT for I. Keeps my ass on my toes. End of that story.

    So a year later I bought this Gosh....... beautiful piece of property, like it's SO epic that  some plants if I cut, it's Illegal and I have HUNDREDES of them here. SO COOL. Ocotillos are protected cacti and I tell you I have them all over. The American Indians use to torture enemies with them. I can f you up with one branch. The Rocks themselves untouched by man and The Wash or a dry River coming off the mountain cutting the edge of my property... puff..... yea no video game is better than this reality. I'm living today also trying to survive. It's a blast.
    I hope, pray, ponder, demand, humble myself in thought at times thinking about the many years on XI, only missing the memories, fun times and what a cool clan XI is. Regretting nothing but telling the ones I love I love them.  
    RobMc, you are doing a great job trying to keep the Forum going. I commend you for that. TBB is as well. Many of you are. I apologize I get so damn crazy at times. damn.. why did someone just throw water in my eyes.. NOT FUNNY!. Now a darn frog in my throat... STOP IT. I don't know how to be anyone but who I am. Sure at times I over think but someone who just doesn't stop think, I do here at times. My weakness is getting upset for stupid reasons ready to fix the wrong for no matter who it is. My lesson I probably will never learn fully, though.. WOW I have here, choose your battles wisely. Choose what you say in life and what you think to be real, true and what a higher power wants. I fall short of this and a absolute effort of mine.... yet short is a understatement.
    Thinking of that guy Pimp the Pete... hey dude.. hope all is well.
    Anyway I hope not mentioning too many people, does not offend. Rockape.. LOVE you man. Gosh.. I need a XI list but, just not enough room on my keyboard for you all. The Great Reset is coming and things are about to change. A new PLANdemic is coming and I only have one thing to ask...... Don't Worry. Please don't play their game, all I ask. Everyone take care, even you Street.
    To Rugger, this is where it gets ugly. I have something to say to you and I apologize I did not say it before. Though I sent you SO many messages then retracting, having (still have it) your phone number but I never could have a conversation with you. I have a hard time talking to some people and YOU are one. Not sure why. I for one didn't want to be a fan boy, to bother you, just wanted to show you respect. I apologize for any disrespect I shown and it was only our last interactions that happened. I have nothing but respect for you. You have been my Tom Cruz.. OK I hate Tom Cruz but my point that kind of guy where everyone loves him. I start to stutter a problem I use to have talking to people. Great folks like TSW razing my ass made me feel comfortable. RIP Caper, he LOVED making fun of me and I loved it. BTW GREAT GUYs both of them!!!!!!!! TSW F.. he's great. That kind of interaction put me in character... hxtr. With you, I couldn't be in character. I had to be me, un-confident, scared, at times depressed, alone by design, loving, speculating and learning but not willing to let down my guard.. my smoke and mirrors in a effort to be entertaining and funny, mostly for myself. Thank you for XI and the Great Ride I had. NO WAY happened without you. You know I mean what I'm saying as I said it countless times.
    You all just take care... all I ask. Our world is going to change drastically in the next 2 years.... NO WAY SOONER. I already don't recognize my country.
    End of Line,
    Love hxtr
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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to loaderXI in Will be afk for a week or two   
    Made it back home after driving for over 24hrs of traffic hell with bad rain...Ghost accidents all over the Southern States that if I did not know any better I would swear someone hacked in to Google maps to sabotage traffic...Accidents reported every where North and South bound and none to be seen...Even the accidents being reported moved as you got close to them and nothing there...Bumper to bumper stop and go thru 2 entire States that ended as soon as we crossed into Florida WTF...
    Carries dad was grateful we could sit with him and tend to his needs...We will be contracting soon in the area there soon so back we go for a few months as her mother is having problems getting around the house and such
    Got home opened the door to find the AC had taken a crap while we were gone and the house was full of hot humid as hell air...It is a holiday so no service til Monday today so we went out and purchased a large portable AC that is now part of the Kitchen lol...Central location to house
    We did manage a Family (part of) Easter get together on my end...From one comes many 🙂 Dad on bottom left and mom when she was much younger...Picture represents a fraction of the Children,Grandchildren,Great Grandchildren,Great Great Grandchildren and 1 Great Great Great Granddaughter...Dad was from Texas and you know the story...Everything from Texas is huge and Our Family is no exception...I myself have 6 children 23 Grandchildren and 1 Great grand daughter....I hope everyone had a joyful Easter like we did...

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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to loaderXI in Will be afk for a week or two   
    Just a fyi...Me and Carrie have to go look after her father for 10 days and I will be unable to connect to pretty much anything outside of my cell phone...We will be leaving Saturday and may not be back until sometime after the 10th of April...
    Those who may need some help with things have my number and can call
    See you idiots on the flip side
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