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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to bds1961 in I have found myself missing "BLACKBART>XI<ADMIN" lately   
    He was one of the best.  Like you I still hear his voice and laugh while playing.   One great loss 
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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to PHUCKITMAN in I have found myself missing "BLACKBART>XI<ADMIN" lately   
    I still have not been able to completely come to grips with the loss of one of my best friends ever. He was a friend to me from almost the first time we played COD2 together and became like a Big Brother very quickly. His Laugh could make even the most tense moment disappear or let someone know they were full of shit. He was a loyal man who was proud of his love for his family, his Country, his service in Vietnam in spite of the homecoming he and others were forced to endure and he was especially proud of what XI had become "A Family". He was here in the early days when a headstrong group tried to split up this clan and he would say, don't worry buddy we will still be here long after those who are spreading lies and attempting to take over are long gone and he was right. When COD4 came out and Rugger asked me to consider becoming head Admin for the COD2 servers my only request was that Bart share the position with me because he was always the calm one even if he know he was going to give someone the boot. He had a way of telling someone to go fuck off and they would say thank you while I was the opposite. Every single time my temper would flare up he would always say the same thing "Don't let them get to you Pman, we will be here long after they are forgotten" regardless of it being a hacker in game, o banned player sneaking back, or some attention monger on our website. His response was always "We will be here longer after they are gone". The past few days I swear on my Childrens lives I have heard him in my ear whispering those exact same words to me several times. He is still here and always will be long after those who don't belong to XI are long gone. God Bless you my best friend Roger Bartlett and I know you have my 6 every single day I am left here taking a breath because you are my Guardian Angel.
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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to RobMc in Thai girls   
    I remember my last visit to Thailand, I walked into a bar and stopped dead, leaning against the bar in a clinging red dress was the loveliest girl I had ever seen, our eyes met
    Don't get a hard on
    Don't get a hard on
    Don't get a hard on I muttered
    But she did
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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to kleinehexe in Happy new year from germany   
    We wish all here a good start in 2024 and all the best...
    Greats from Bakke and Hexe
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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to PHUCKITMAN in Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day to everyone   
    I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday weekend with those they love and no one got hurt during a family fight after too much drinking or talking too much about Politics or Religion. We had a very nice dinner I made or Glazed spiral Ham, Roasted Yukon Gold Potatoes covered with a Ranch dressing mixture, Green Beans Almondine, Sage Stuffing, and Hawaiian sweet rolls and a homemade Pumpkin Pie with cool whip just like my wife loves it. Lots of work considering I have been suffering with a cold since Thursday but with Lorie going in to the Hospital on Thursday morning 12/28/22 for a Cardiac Ablation procedure to help her recover from the Atrial Fibrillation and Arrhythmia she has been dealing with for about 6 months. So my best gift this year will be her getting through this and feeling like her old self and be able to walk up a flight of stairs and not be completely out of breath. I pray everyone else is on good health and if so share how much you love them all by telling them. Sometimes just knowing you are loved and cared for can make a world of difference to someone's prognosis. Peace to all and smoke a bowl for me  
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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to BUDMAN in you don't know jack schitt   
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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to ANGU5 in Plenty of new FU to give.   
    I'm so excited that my jar of Fucks showed up, I ran out early this year. But I'm ready for the new year with plenty to give.. So bring on 2024!

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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to tsw 8.5 in what   
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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to Elvis9 in R.I.P. Hunter1948   
    Lost another member on November 30th. R.I.P Hunter1948!!!
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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to J3st3r in Biden Cancels BILLIONS In Student Loans STEALING From Working Class To BUY 2024 Election, OVERT EVIL   
    If you take out a damn loan to pay for ANYTHING, it should be 100% your responsibility to pay it back.
    I wish I could take out a Massive bank loan "for schooling" and spend it all on Hookers and Beer and have someone else pay it off. 🤣
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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to Bamm in Biden Cancels BILLIONS In Student Loans STEALING From Working Class To BUY 2024 Election, OVERT EVIL   
    Could you please tell him to take on the student loans from the Netherlands as well? I swear I'll vote for him,  pinky promise
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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to Ruggerxi in Finally got my plates for my new car   
    Finally got my plates for my new car after 2 months of waiting 
    Love the car and love the warranty I got with it. 
    15yr unlimited miles bumper to bumper!! 
    My son works for Subaru and he hooked me up😁😁
    2.4ltr cTurbo 
    Fully loaded and has self driving
    @StormCrow you will appreciate the plate theme 

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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to PainKiller in 2023 Winter Rotation   
    I'm a twat and pressed the wrong button... here is the rotation!!
    I have also colour coded the rotation so you can see which maps are which modes
    set sv_mapRotation "gametype tdm map mp_toujane map tlotd_trainyard gametype ctf map mtl_pirates gametype tdm map SPS_Atalaya map arnhem map sps_free_port gametype ctf map mp_karkand_reboot gametype tdm map sps_cabewood_f2 map mtl_bismarck map em_central_station gametype ctf map fr_mogadishu_v3 gametype tdm map mp_tl_the_bunkers map mp_cus map mp_damvalley gametype ctf map mp_rouen gametype tdm map mp_cbs map mp_dock_assault map mp_codcasnipe_s1"
    set sv_mapRotation "gametype ctf mp_canal3 gametdm tdm map ifis_one map mp_emt map hillsides gametype ctf map Moh_Verschneit gametype tdm map icsl_village map mp_boysroom map tlotd_trainyard gametype ctf map mp_borisovka gametype tdm map SPS_Atalaya map mp_Argentan_France map sps_freeport gametype ctf map abbey2 gametype tdm map mp_cbs map gob_tozeur map ifis_one gametype ctf map alcohol gametype tdm map hillsides"
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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to TheLastColdBeer in Disney ADMITS Wokeness IS FAILED, Woke NOT ALIGNED With Public Views w/Jeremy Boreing   
    The entertainment people have forgotten what put them in business in the first place. To amuse & distract folks from their daily trials. Do they really expect you to PAY for a torturous sermon while getting a root canal? Woke can crash, burn, and die.
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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to TheLastColdBeer in Sargent & Greenleaf   
    Brought home a gunsafe, opened, but didn't have the combination. Did everything wrong, took the dial off the spindle, turned the wheels by hand, & spilled the bolt, springs & detents all over the carpet. Threw the lock back together until I got home. Over a cup of coffee I examined the lock, figured out it was a three # combination that opened on the last rh turn. Moved the safe into a spare laundry room, re-hung the door, & re-installed the lock, after I guessed where the dial should be (looked at the splines). Opened the bolt, turned the wheels with the backplate off (another no-no) by using the change combination key. Bound the dial a couple of times, but centered things with the change key, and it accepted a new combination. Took between 10-12 unlocking with the new combo before I had the guts to close the door & throw the bolt. Viola! Another working safe.

    No, OSHA would not have approved how I removed this safe from the house. Nor how I moved it into mine, sans door, bare footed.
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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to TheLastColdBeer in The Beasts are safe   
    The only way to transport these things is mated, and shorting bars across the back of the poles. They went in the travel case specifically built for them, to keep them separated. I wouldn't carry them in a vehicle otherwise, might screw up the operating computer. A new technique was developed, and we attached pure nickel strips to piping, then used an alnico mag to introduce a field. Wrapped our coils around that array & we had a useful signal. Much more portable, much safer, and we pushed the beasts off to a corner.
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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to TBB in The Beasts are safe   
    Whose snatch did you say to grab????    
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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to bds1961 in The Beasts are safe   
    Learned the hard way with small ones.  Never get your hand between them, they snap together hard and fast when there poles match up
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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to loaderXI in The Beasts are safe   
    Damn put them near the front door and strip everything that walks past them...Talk about snatch and grab
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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to TheLastColdBeer in The Beasts are safe   
    Brought these home from Texas. Neodymium magnets, created by SWRI. We used them in refineries & oil fields to generate guided wave signals. Thought they were lost when a Chevron trailer was stolen off I410 many years ago. Each one you see is a mated pair, & we fear them. They are nasty powerful, and wicked around anything ferrous. Stop watches, wipe out hard drives, & ruin monitors. I had to mate a pair that I found separated, & it brought back memories of how dangerous these things can be. "What are you going to do with them?" Someone asked. I dunno, but you could ring a threshold & laugh when the FBI gets their weapons torn out of their hands.
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    TedsofBeverlyHills reacted to kleinehexe in ***2023 FALLEN MEMBER MEMORIAL***   
    Thx for this really big fun and time to remember all this good people...thx loader and rest of team 
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