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  1. Poppyseed

    It took some time. work got in the way. but here i am ::)
  2. Poppyseed

    Thanks for your help
  3. Poppyseed

    I like to thank all those that helped me get to here. I have reached the pinnacle.. lol Ill save my 5min acceptance speech for later... lol
  4. Poppyseed

    Kid rock - All summer long. Great day in Hawaii. Awesome weather.
  5. Poppyseed

    Happy birthday to you
  6. Poppyseed

    Who let him in...lol
  7. Poppyseed

    Welcome Fireman
  8. One question, Does Timmah! deliver?
  9. I just popped into these channels and i see a re-occuring theme with Timmah !! PIZZZAAAA
  10. Poppyseed

    Timmah! needs to host his own cooking vlog...lol
  11. Can we all agree that both countries have issues?? Canada more than the USA (HAHA), but hey, this is what makes the world got around. If we all thought the same and acted the same, this would be a very boring place. While i agree more so with Harry, I think keeping this less political (As most of the leftist start a temper tantrum, Not saying i am more on the right, just noting the temperature - referencing the news channels.) Great to debate, but everyone has their own vantage point. All great points. Now lets get back in the game and kill each other.. lol
  12. Nice rotation this time
  13. Poppyseed

    I found where Chili Lives
  14. This weekend's episode is the longest episode for GOT. I presume the big war will be on this. Too much slow building up of characters on the last two. Should be good to watch. FYI, Isn't John Snow a white walker? He has already died once (Something to think about) Poppy Out
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