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  1. I figured I would check quickly, but I can only find the normal version in the Netherlands. @Cheyenne @Kisses4You can you find some in Germany?
  2. I had so hoped you guys would get better news than this, this is just awful.. And I am hoping you can find a place where you yourself can be the one who is unsure, sad, maybe angry or whatever emotion might lead at that moment. If we can have a place in that, I'm sure all of us would want to give that space. For now, I'm thinking of you guys and hoping for good following up results in all this uncertainty
  3. Bamm


    You can live without a stomach Seahorses and platypuses don't have stomachs either No stomach, no problem ^^
  4. Bamm


    The wandering albatross can travel 10,000 miles (16,090 kilometers) without flapping its wings even once. Common Swifts can stay in the air for 10 months without stopping.
  5. Bamm


    Ants take 250 naps a day of a little over a minute
  6. I'll add this one: I'm too sexy for my cat.. poor pussy..
  7. I can only say this from the other side, while there may be patients that will be a pain in the ass, there will be others who will be forever grateful to you. When I was in the hospital, I got a whole lot of respect and love for the nurses (and I started to dislike the doctors a bit who just barged in with advice and where gone again). I'll always remember them, because they were people who were there for me and stood up for me in some really hard days.
  8. DAUGTHER!!! Love seeing this girl! And the puppies are so cute, as are you But..You gotta get your ass back in the game! It has been wayyyyy too long since we've been able to drive the guys crazy with our banter
  9. Nice! Congrats Weed! Now you can listen to even more of our whining
  10. For me, opening COD without opening steam already helped a ton. I also use a laptop and have issues sometimes with RAM. If you got COD through steam, it might open steam automatically when you open COD through the normal desk shortcut. For my laptop that definitely didn't help. Totty explained how to circumvent that not too long ago in another topic: And another thing I notice, if my hard drive is filling up, my laptop also slows down. Which of course means I have to delete some stuff.
  11. So is it the same hacking guy we caught multiple times or did we catch any other hacker too?
  12. Now I'm hoping for some appeals in the forum, so we can actually enjoy the drama and know the full story and names
  13. Thank you Totty! I should have realized what you meant already but the detail was still appreciated and it's definitely appreciated that I can run COD now without steam. My computer thanks you for that
  14. Wait, this would be useful for me. How do I do that? Please make the steps as easy as possible, because otherwise I might still not understand
  15. DDOS sounds probable? I don't know, me and Cheyenne (Europe) have seen our ping doubled at some times/maps(?) last two weeks or so from around 100 to 200. Other peoples pings might have been higher at those times too, but if it was low to begin with, that's less visible. At other nights both our pings have been just normal around 100. Anyways, our ping height has always correlated like that, so it's not our own internet.
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