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  1. NousDefions

    ha ha, das ist sehr lustig
  2. NousDefions

    Happy Birthday Bexx
  3. NousDefions

    Hope you had a great day
  4. NousDefions

    Hope you had a great day
  5. NousDefions

    Hope you had a great day
  6. NousDefions

    Happy Birthday
  7. congrats, was not a surprise, he knew it was coming for all of you saying WTF, its all in a name
  8. NousDefions

    Happy birthday, and you should not be asking for any gifts. making you a member should cover the next 10 birthdays
  9. NousDefions

    Happy Birthday
  10. NousDefions

    RIP Cobrabites
  11. NousDefions

    Happy Birthday
  12. NousDefions

    Happy Birthday, thank you for everything you do for this group of idiots.
  13. NousDefions

    storm, you are doing great and the tat is a well deserved reward. keep up the good work. if you ever have any questions pm me. I know a little about this topic.
  14. NousDefions

    Thank you all for the birthday wishes.
  15. NousDefions

    Happy Birthday, best wishes
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