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  1. Generals Gathered In Their Masses !! Just Like Witches in Black Masses !!! But back on the serious note. Clan had a post on members who had UFO experiences. I had one with some friends in the late 70's. Very detailed experience. Search old posts if your interested in my experience. Anyway, one of my friends who was there and saw it, is going to be hypnotized to see what Dr. can find out. I told him if any more details are brought to light with his visit to the Dr., then do not tell me what memories are dug up. And that I will go to same Dr. and try to be hypnotized and see what can be dug up. What we currently remember is very vivid. But my friend doesn't remember getting home ? Things are a little fuzzy on that point, but I do remember the UFO just disappearing in an instant after us watching it for around 10 minutes or so. I remember getting back in the car, but after that things were fuzzy after that. Weird part is....40 years later we both remembered the experience at the same time. I texted him out of the blue and asked "What did we see on Rt 4 back in the 70's" ? He replied UFO. Said he was just talking about it the same day with co-workers. Crazy shit. But as far as the UFO ship itself... We remember everything about its shape and details. It was huge and looked as if it was maybe 200 to 300 yards above us.
  2. My Job !!! Driving my wife crazy !!! Im very good at my job too !!!
  3. AKA Bazooka Joe !! Or should I say Grenade Launcher Joe !!
  4. Say it aint so, Joe !!! Long time no see. Usually during the fall and winter you will see more online playing. I played COD4 for the first time in months the other day !! And there were a few playing. It was around 3pm ( US eastern standard time). COD2 is hit or miss too. Usually weekends and late evenings is hopping. But again this fall and winter you should see more playing. Unless WW3 starts and the internet goes down.
  5. M'Lord Pete does not count. He is our token crazy lefty Biden leg rubber (rubs other things too). He doesn't know any better. There is one in every family and Pete is ours.
  6. As my dad told us growing up. Never talk Religion or Politics at work, school or with anyone you do not know. Those nuggets of wisdom have done me well growing up. But...… as I enter my "twilight" years of life, fuck that shit !!! Lets Go Brandon !!!!!
  7. 50's, 60's 70's, 80's, 90's and some (very little) stuff from 2000's on. 95% of current music just sucks !!! Current stuff has "Auto Tuned" vocals and instruments, has no dynamics what so ever, and is just boring.
  8. Metallica should have stuck with Bob Rock as producer. With Death Magnetic, I bought the vinyl lp and ripped it as a wave. The vinyl mix was not as compressed and limited as the CD. I remember people were ripping the DVD soundtrack also. It was better sounding. But the vinyl mix was so much better. We need to bring back "Dynamics" !!!
  9. All I can say is, I personally and one of my grand children who got vaccinated have had issues with it. My grandchild is now being treated for a heart condition, that researchers have linked to the vaccination. So dont go throwing stones at Lazlo, when there are people who do have bad reactions to the vaccine. When it hits home, you will take notice. Dont be lemmings.
  10. The true questions is...."What was here before the Universe"
  11. Oh the joy !!! Canadian smoke here again !!! At least make it smell like "Canadian Bacon" !!!!
  12. Answers my question. Thanks everyone.
  13. One of the COD5 DM servers requires a password ?!! Someone PM me the password.
  14. Hey thats looks like us here in Ohio !!!! Where is Smokey the Bear when you need him !!!!
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