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Garry's Mod Server Rules

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 It is your responsibility to read and abide by our server rules. These may change over-time. Failure to follow will result in punishment.

This is a simple list. Follow and you'll do great.

General Rules:

1. No Random Death Match: This means shooting shit to shoot it. Someone shoots at you? Radio it, then proceed to shoot if required. They didn't shoot? Dont click mouse 1.

2. NLR (New Life Rule): If you die, don't return to death location for 3 minutes or longer. It will be considered meta-gaming and will result punishment.

3. Respect is to be given to be earned: Don't be a minge. This includes racism, trolling, or harassment. If a player is 12, then so be it. Don't mistreat ANYONE.

4. Impersonation: Don't pretend to be someone else. It will be considering minging, and will result in a temporary ban.

Chat/Server Rules:

1. Radio Misuse: The Radio chat may only be used to deliver important in-character info. We don't use advert.

2. Self Promotion: We write down our appointed ranks. If you're caught, you're done. No Do-overs.

3. Demotions: In order for a demotion to take place, you must have valid reasoning to your claim. Video software recordings are accepted in these cases.



At anytime our staff may punish you accordingly.

1. Minging/Meta-gaming/Harassment: Kick -> 3 Day Ban -> 1 Month Ban -> Perm Ban

2. NLR Breaking: Kick ->  3 Day Ban -> 1 Week Ban -> 1 Month Ban -> Perm Ban

3. Radio Abuse: Kick -> 3 Day Ban -> 1 Week Ban -> 1 Month Ban -> Perm Ban

4. Racism: 1 Month Ban -> Perm Ban. NO EXCEPTIONS

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8 minutes ago, Sitting-Duc said:

Not sure I agree with this?.. why give essentially two warnings before a permanent ban for racism?

Changed it. Still looking at it to give it a few changes. Any other feedback?


EDIT. Changing it to 1 month then perm.

2nd Edit. Removing 1 day bans. Order is kick straight into 3 day bans.

Edited by Pingfuzzboi

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