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TDM Spring Rotation

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It's finally time to update the TDM server with new maps and a quick change to how the server handles AFK players.


gametype tdm map mp_wspawn map ubunker gametype ctf map mp_schultz_bunker gametype tdm map mp_arena2 map mp_frontline_forts2 map sps_el_Embarcadero_f gametype ctf map mp_coddm3 gametype tdm map sps_free_port map mp_frontline_carnage map mp_rds_s gametype ctf map mp_carentan_ville gametype tdm map mp_cs_sniper map mp_cargotown gametype ctf map mp_asylum2 gametype tdm map mhz_massacre1 map mp_bretot map hillsides gametype ctf map mp_bassano gametype tdm map icsl_village map mp_accona_desert map germanairfield gametype ctf map mp_overgrown gametype tdm map open_sea map mp_trainstation_rain_v2 gametype ctf map amd_stadt gametype tdm map mp_bastogne map mp_chelm_night


map mp_trainstation_rain_v2
map mp_chelm_night
map mp_accona_desert
map mp_bretot
map mp_wspawn
map mp_frontline_forts2
map mp_frontline_carnage
map mp_cargotown
map mp_asylum2
map mp_coddm3
map mp_schultz_bunker
map mp_carentan_ville
map amd_stadt
map mp_bassano
map open_sea
map mp_rds_s
map icsl_village
map sps_free_port
map SPS_el_Embarcadero_f
map germanairfield
map hillsides
map mp_arena2
map mp_cs_sniper
map mhz_massacre1
map mp_bastogne






I have made some changes to how the server managed AFK players. This will have an impact on the Auto-balance. What this means is that if you are in spectate for more than two minutes, you WILL be kicked to allow the server to autobalance correctly. This is the only way we can stop moving people around manually.

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Following some brief feedback, I will be increasing the time allowed to sit in spec to 3 minutes tomorrow. I am trying to find a way to fix the broken auto-balance

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10 hours ago, LtLaszlo said:

Yes, thanks for the new batch! Liking the new lineup so far. One round, at least, it kept saying it was going to kick Hexe for inactivity, but don't think it ever did. ?

I had to manually kick her so it would stop doing that lol. I will have another look at the scripts but as far as I am aware. there is not much else I can change aside from the amount of time it takes to kick people.

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