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Especially for Jointz

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OK buddy, even though I detest rap here's my first go, you'll have to add the tune (do they have a tune?)


Going downtown for a new drive by

To check up on my stash

Make sure my girls are on the game

And making lots of cash


Selling crack or skunks the same to me

It makes me lots of money

It lets me pimp all my rides

and pick up lots of honeys


My nights are spent a rapping

And getting very high

Until the Reapers knocking

For I will surely die


Dedicated to @jointz who is free to use without copyright

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26 minutes ago, jointz said:

Not bad rob!! You got some skills. U should try using raps in all your posts for the next 24 hours. See if your up to the challenge...


Jointz out....

Well as I'm not really sure what a rap is I'll try, but no promises

By the way love your name Jointz, I thought I was the only one interested in carpentry? good to see a buddy, I'm a dovetail man

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4 hours ago, rexbowan said:

Do I detect some plagiarism?

Absolutely not, all my own work

In making rap I do not shirk

If you keep telling folks a lie

You'll find yourself in a drive by



Rappin Rob

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1 hour ago, KaptCrunch said:

welcome to thr wild west of social media, need to water mark  everything or sound bites

rg. mcintosh apple icon  plagiarised or plagiarized

Crunch, you just gotta chill - If you cant I gotta pill! lol


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1 hour ago, TBB said:

NICE - Bloody Limey strikes again

OK buddy one last try I'm struggling with rap


The gold chains wrapped round my neck

Cause me pain, what the heck?

It's not much fun doing rap

The idiots all think I'm crap

I'll never make an Eminem

The Bloody Limey fails again


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6 hours ago, KaptCrunch said:

I hope a 2 leggette pill to fill so i can chill    LoL 

OMG they're all at it now 😁

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