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    I lost my best friend Frankie almost two years ago now, and to this day if I had to choose between spending the rest of my days with her, or a human, she would win hands down. My condolences for your loss. I'm sure that pup was lucky to have you by their side.

    Upside is they only make that mistake once! hahahahahaha

    I found this, hope it helps: Hi, I am Roger Meyer and I own the Second Amendment Shop. Kyle is my apprentice since I am a International Guild of Gunsmith Master Gunsmith. I do still manufacture 8 gauge ammunition, but I do not know where you got your pricing from. Currently 8 gauge blanks are selling for $5.10 each and 8 gauge shotgun shells are $6.00 each. Other manufacturers, if you can find them, are getting as much as $10.00 per round of shotgun shell and $9.00 per blank. If you are interested email me at: [email protected]
  4. Forgot one more thing. "Tis better to be Judged by 12, then carried by 8."
  5. I wouldn't say there anything wrong with you or the 9mm. Anything is better than nothing, specially if you keep it with you. But understand one of the most recent high profile shootings that illustrates what 7 rounds of 9mm does in the hands of a trained shooter at point blank range, and the perp survives. Back in the day when the wheel gun was popular, one round from a 357mag ended nearly every encounter, statistically the best one shot stop. The shottie is closer to the wheel gun then the hi cap autoloader. Ammo is a choice you make depending on YOUR circumstances. I live in a home made of concrete with hurricane glass and solid hurricane doors. My shottie is loaded with 3" 000 Magnum rounds. That's roughly equivalent to 15 38cal pellets in one round. One round will eliminate any threat instantly, no matter what the perp has in his system. JMHO. Oh! And hold on tight! It's a hell of a ride! 18" pistol grip NITEX Mossberg 500 Mariner.

    Constructive criticism: 1. This server IS different and should REMAIN different. If you like 146 better, stay there. I like this better. Feels like the scales are a little more balanced. 2. I like the cars being different, even if theres no protection from the RC-XD. 3. Three round win was nice, keeps things moving, specially if this map is not your fav, it will be over soon. Four is OK, five is just like 146, go back there if thats what you want. 4. Keep the freindly fire, at least for a while. I hope I never hear the word "PREFIRE" again. LOL You know who you are!!!!!!! My biggest issue is with XI managment in general and NOT the server per se. I understand this is Sammy's baby. But no project or undertaking should be so single threaded. The 60 second rounds were probably an error gone unnoticed. Shit happens. But the fact that Sammy is not available today to fix it means all of us must endure in order to provide XI with feedback as you requested. Policy needs to change so more than one person has the keys to the kingdom. What if Sammy gets hit by a bus this afternoon on his way home from work? Sorry Sammy, I'm not wishing that on you, just a figure of speach. All in all, I like the new server and will play there regularly, IF it doesnt become another 146 server, if that happens then we are just wasting time, energy, and money. Thank you Sammy for all the work you put into this. I havent a clue what it takes, but I know you have been at it for a while so it's no walk in the park.
  7. Here's the pic you wanted.



    Count me in, COD4, and I'm bringing Betty's, lots and lots of Betty's. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    That worked for the basic installation of COD4 and 5. It does not work for COD2. And now I must patch. Will these settings need to be updated after each patch?

    I'm having a worse experience. Win 7 crashed so I install clean 10. Updated 10, video drivers, then installed COD4, COD5, COD2. First time I updated all with the patches, then each game freezes my PC after launch. Black screen. Dirty shutdown is only rescue. So I removed and reloaded all COD and did NOT patch, same results. Help!

    Yeahhhhhhhh, an XI rule gets enforced!!!!!!!!! There is hope.
  12. NAVCANADA, the Canadian aviation system works nearly the same number of operations across the entire nation, as Cincinnati airport does in one day. Give this post another try when you have a Big Dog that can get off the porch. There is no comparison to be made here.
  13. If I could change one thing it would be to either make my hits register while the enemy is bunny hopping all over the place (PINK), OR, eliminate the bunny hopping. One server I played a long time ago took your weapon away while hopping around. I heard a rumor that a change was coming to the RC-XD so they would EITHER defrost or explode but not both. You chose the behavior in game setup. Any truth to that rumor?

    First let me say I'm glad your up and running. I know how frustrating these little toys can be. My only disappointment is after doing all that work, cleaning, dusting, resetting parts, removing and replacing so many items, you can't really point to the one at fault? If it ever happens again you will be tempted to shotgun troubleshoot it as opposed to finding the exact issue. Happy gaming!
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