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  1. Here's the pic you wanted.



    Count me in, COD4, and I'm bringing Betty's, lots and lots of Betty's. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    That worked for the basic installation of COD4 and 5. It does not work for COD2. And now I must patch. Will these settings need to be updated after each patch?

    I'm having a worse experience. Win 7 crashed so I install clean 10. Updated 10, video drivers, then installed COD4, COD5, COD2. First time I updated all with the patches, then each game freezes my PC after launch. Black screen. Dirty shutdown is only rescue. So I removed and reloaded all COD and did NOT patch, same results. Help!

    Yeahhhhhhhh, an XI rule gets enforced!!!!!!!!! There is hope.
  6. NAVCANADA, the Canadian aviation system works nearly the same number of operations across the entire nation, as Cincinnati airport does in one day. Give this post another try when you have a Big Dog that can get off the porch. There is no comparison to be made here.
  7. If I could change one thing it would be to either make my hits register while the enemy is bunny hopping all over the place (PINK), OR, eliminate the bunny hopping. One server I played a long time ago took your weapon away while hopping around. I heard a rumor that a change was coming to the RC-XD so they would EITHER defrost or explode but not both. You chose the behavior in game setup. Any truth to that rumor?

    First let me say I'm glad your up and running. I know how frustrating these little toys can be. My only disappointment is after doing all that work, cleaning, dusting, resetting parts, removing and replacing so many items, you can't really point to the one at fault? If it ever happens again you will be tempted to shotgun troubleshoot it as opposed to finding the exact issue. Happy gaming!

    Rule #1 when troubleshooting ANYTHING. If you don't know EXACTLY what the problem is, start with the simplest, cheapest part first. Replace the CMOS battery, chances are you can use it in your car keys if that's not it! LOLOLOLOL
  10. Almost forgot, I own more than one Mossberg Cruiser package with long barrel, short barrel, full stock and pistol grip. Nothing has been more affordable or dependable. Even have one in Nitex stainless for the boat.
  11. Three things to remember when the cops show up: 1. "I was in fear for my life" 2. "I didn't know what else I could do, had no choice" 3. "I wanna talk to my lawyer" When they ask why you shot him 6 times, you say "I couldn't find my reloads/spare magazine"
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